The Research of Scott Sonnon

I had heard of his TacFit demonstrations, but I hadn’t read the background research enough to know that he was the leading researcher on this theory and applications web. I just thought it was a good demo of physical movements and exercise, modeled after normal athletic training. Now that I’m reading his background theories and tying things together, he seems to be the center, the keystone or lynchpin, of a different kind of research and thought experiment.

That interview provides a good chunk of info on the difference between his kind of thinking and conventional exercise regimens.

While I don’t take what people say at face value, I do store them until I’ve experimented on it myself later on. Often times I can detect where people have acquired their theories from, because I’ve done the same kind of research. A lot of Scott S’s research conclusions sound familiar to me, not because I’ve been a part of anything like his exercise groups or instructor cadre but merely because the principles of the science and of human movement are something I’ve learned from another path.

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