Power and Intent

Instructors have mentioned that your power shouldn’t be in front of your intent. The power should come from the hip, not the arm, yet if the arm is weak the hip cannot apply the power to the object.

So a Western reconstruction would be the simple sliding of the window panel. To make things harder, people should use a horizontal sliding window panel. The one with the grooves on the bottom. A vertical one is easy when going down due to gravity, but somewhat more difficult when going upwards. To practice the use of hips with arm strength, the horizontal one is more applicable.

When powering through the motion, most people if they are strong use the arms and the weight of the body mass to serve as an anchor/lever. However, pretend the window is sort of stuck and your arm/hand strength is insufficient by itself. Now instead of directing power to the arms first, line up the hand, arm, shoulder, and hips in synch. Then start the movement from the foot, to the legs, to the hips, and then on down to the hands touching the window panel.

Use less strength, go slower, for a better challenge. Better yet, find a way to increase the window’s resistance level via either a partner or put something in the groove that provides friction. It also may matter whether your arm is above the groove or near the groove when applying force/leverage.

After a few exercises and visualizations, the internal art student should be able to gauge a difference in effort and acceleration from the two methods: internal and external. The internal is the lining up of bones and muscle ligaments in the right order and in the right shape. The external is generating large force from outside to affect an object’s internal workings. If friction and the various equations having to do with normal force counts as internal, at least. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friction

As for what people should find out about acceleration and force, I leave that up to the person to discover themselves via the experimental method (what used to be called science before science became a religion about divinity).

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