Anime Recommendations

Someone asked me for recommendations and I’d thought to collate things at one link instead of using several at once.

Really good action scenes with a strong cultural backdrop and parental guide. Designed originally as a novel for youths, but appeals just as strongly to more mature adults or warriors.

One of the first “sports” anime. Never really understood how you could make a good story from a sports game, but this series cleared up that issue for me. If you like baseball or want to learn about baseball in Japan and how people can craft a story around it, this is the one.

An educational look at farming and what’s really going on there. It’s like a world without PETA. It’s strange, but fulfilling. Also great backup material to On Killing by Grossman. While the Japanese may consider themselves nationally as pacifistic and weak, their research is solid and they know more about this subject than they realize. Far more than the omnipotent military in America land, at least. It’s slice of Japanese cultural life, but on a farming and teaching environment.

The quintessential feudal Japanese experience, in a modern reframe.

Really long shounen series designed for younger boys and older teens, that really hits upon the emotional tones of nobility and passion. Even without finishing the long story arcs, the shorter arcs are satisfying. Successfully adapted from manga. I read the manga first and the old moments still shone as true in the anime.

An action adventure movie about redemption and feudal era sword fighting.

A modern take on slice of life and Japanese political philosophy. Although since it involves kids, many don’t take it seriously. It may be termed a philosophy and political thriller.

Really nice story composition about supernatural alchemy. The ending has a bang.

Old science fiction and romance favorite. It’s about a ship on a journey, like the Yamato spaceship.

Really emotional story about a group of friends.

These were all rated 5/5, in retrospect by me. While hearing it in Japanese and reading the translation isn’t required, it is what I recommend for people looking for the most original experience. You’ll need that experience if you want to de-brainwash decades of Hollywood gunk. Choose between changing the world or changing yourself.

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