Japan has more violent media but less violence than GTA in UK


One wonders, why is that? How come Japan, with much more violent media material for entertainment, has less crime than Britain? It’s mostly a matter of law and order. Japan, after all, actually believes in the police’s responsibility to uphold law and order so they put officers in these box stations every few miles. They’re not all huddled together at the station, together, having donuts and conversations about the latest APB on the radio. Which is often the case in Democrat controlled cities like NYC, New Orleans, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Coincidentally, the highest gun, rape, and murder assault capitals of the US.

Japan trains their next generation strictly with a lot of discipline. That social conformity is actually good for something. Normally in the US, our freedoms are defined as we are either for individual expression or we are for traditional social conservation and inflexibility. Japan has somehow combined the two cultures into one working nation. That’s why I think law and order in Japan hasn’t deteriorated (much) even though Japan has some pretty violent movies. True liberty is seen in having a third option, one that doesn’t reject traditional morality but also doesn’t reject individual sovereignty. What most individuals in the West are experiencing, in the US knock out games and the UK get drunk and raped games, is not individual liberty but individuals training themselves to be good little slaves on the tax farm or the pimp farm.

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