Gays in Japan

The original Christian aversion to homosexual acts was a combination of the Roman era usage of slaves as sex slaves and the tendency of The Roman/Greek aristocracy to indulge in gay sexual orgies as part of public entertainment.

While one doesn’t see that kind of decadence in Japan, except on a tightly regulated non mainstream, the United States of America is definitely seeing it hit hard.

There are plenty of GLBT organizations that market themselves as something designed to make homosexuals more tolerated by the US community, but in reality they do the very opposite. They transgress against normal social boundaries and use heresy burning tools against individuals like the Duck Dynasty. Plenty of less popular and less economically independent individuals have been suppressed, even though they are part of the mainstream and gays are part of the minority by several orders of magnitude. In Japan, that would be categorized as a great “trouble” made unnecessarily. In the US, it has been tolerated, to a certain point, but I predict the next US civil war will undercut most of those organizations and operations. Without funding, they cannot achieve their social justice aims.

Two terms, yaoi and yuri, were mentioned in the video about gays in Japan. My comment at Bookworm’s post should elucidate the meaning of those subjects vis a vis Japanese culture. In short, the Japanese genres are romantic depictions about love between person A and person B, without regard to the social considerations for sex and rank. The American GLBT organizations are designed to shatter mainstream conceptions of social order, in order to replace it with the Left’s conception of social justice and Obedience to the Left’s Utopian Human Perfection, aka Totalitarianism. As such, the Left requires that the bond between person A and person B to be shattered and redistributed towards Loyalty and Obedience to the Regime, only. Marriage derives its power from an alliance born of love and economic dependence upon another human being. Since the state wishes to enforce economic dependence of everyone on the Regime, love and marriages must first be broken, so that a woman will never recognize or obey the authority of her man. She must be made to Obey only the Authority of Her Government.

If woman Y accuses her boyfriend A of rape, it is up to the bureaucracy, the school board, or the Regime to determine who is guilty or not. It is a redirection of power from the people in a relationship, to people outside of it. People are easily fooled and believe in the propaganda that this is “best” for society. The results speak for themselves. We’ve seen incidents like that play out in various colleges, universities, military officer academies, etc. Far from reconstructing society and rebuilding civic virtue, it has done the opposite. As it was intended to do, all along.

So long as two people feel love for each other, the state can never fully control the people’s motivations and loyalty. The people will always be able to refuse at least one order when it comes to killing their loved ones. That cannot be allowed by the Society for Totalitarianism Utopian Perfection under the Left’s Deus Ex Machina, man made god. The government desires full control of a person’s mind, body, and soul. And that means complete and utter obedience. When the government commands a husband to kill his wife and children, they expect the husband to obey.

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