The Horror of David Horowitz

How these grand standing personas on their pedestal fall down and shatter.

Great time reading the comments. Purge the Republican party. Also beware of defectors and idealists from the Left, they may not be fully de-conditioned and de-contaminated yet.

The authorizes of the Left and those in the Conservative establishment will be shattered. Whether that is by the Tea Party, Obama’s civilian security force, or the next upcoming Civil War… well, doesn’t really matter much at this small scale yet.

Begin the comment sweep:

Shari Goodman • 6 months ago
About two years ago, our ACT! For America chapter distributed an online petition that sought the removal of the Muslim Student Association from the UCLA campus after they recited their Muslim Brotherhood pledge to “die for Allah” at their national conference held there. Our petition cited sedition as grounds for their removal. Meanwhile Jamie Glazov conducted an interview with me and the campaign to ban the MSA. Within hours of the published interview, Horowitz gave the signal to remove the interview. Additionally, he held a press conference to denounce our petition. By that time we had already gathered over 1000 signatures within a few days and would have gathered many more had we not been asked by our national leadership to stop our petition. Later, the Chancellor of UCLA held his own press conference in support of protected speech and he cited that EVEN Horowitz was in agreement.

The irony is that Horowitz in his effort to protect freedom of speech for those who seek the destruction of our Constitution actively engaged in suppressing ours. No one wanted to wrestle with the mighty David Horowitz and judging by the treatment of Diana West, it is understandable why one would seek to avoid his wrath.

Texas Patriot Jed West • 6 months ago
I think the Radosh/Horowitz rage goes much deeper than any concern about factual discrepancies in Diana West’s book, and is probably rooted in the legacy of their own Leftist past, their own failure to fight ideological totalitarianism, and their own failure to leave completely behind the Leftist philosophy of attacking anyone and anything that is remotely perceived as political opposition. Politics as bloodsport belongs in the annals of Soviet Bolshevism and Stalinism and not in the ranks of Authentic American Conservatism. Unfortunately, Messrs. Radosh’s and Horowitz’s vehement and vitriolic responses to the creative conservative insights and ideas of Diana West are totally inappropriate, totally misplaced, and totally counterproductive in the ongoing global ideological struggle against Totalitarian Suppression and Totalitarian Submission. Attacking for the sake of attacking is for attack dogs. This is a time for sober reflection and reassessment of the past and formulation of new ideas and new strategies for the future. Sticking with the same failed ideas and failed strategies is a sure formula for disaster.

Let’s face it the West did “lose” the ideological war against totalitarian Communism, and we are now “losing” the ideological war against totalitarian Islam, and it is highly likely that the ideological failures of Messrs. Radosh and Horowitz played a large part in both of those disasters. Why pretend? We’ve been out-thought and out-maneuvered with the result that the deindividualizing and dehumanizing philosophies of totalitarian ideology have now become a part of mainstream American thought, and our own hubris and overconfidence has probably been a big part of that.

What is disappointing is that rather than acknowledging their own failures and lending a helping hand to new conservative warriors with new ideas and new strategies for defeating the Big Lie Machines of Totalitarian Communism and Totalitarian Islam, Messrs. Radosh and Horowitz now seem to be lapsing into their own totalitarian past and engaging in a deliberate smear campaign of lies and character assassination reminiscent of the worst sort of ideological abuses of Bolshevism and Stalinism. They should know better, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

But it’s not too late. All is not lost. Messrs. Radosh and Horowitz can still redeem themselves by waking up and realizing that they have made a huge mistake by reacting so harshly and negatively to such a rising and promising star of Authentic American Conservatism. It’s time for Messrs. Radosh and Horowitz to admit their mistakes, put their own ideological baggage behind them, and get on board with winning the essential and ongoing battles against the forces of Intellectual Slavery and Totalitarian Submission, and the first step in that process is to apologize to Ms. West.

No one wants to put Messrs. Radosh and Horowitz out to pasture. No one wants to crucify them for their past mistakes and past failures. No one wants to blame them for the pitiful state of the American Conservative Movement today. There is still hope for the future, and they may still have a positive role to play in achieving the ideological victories that America desperately needs. It’s not going to be a problem if they want to play ball. Even if they are no longer qualified to lead the ideological vanguard of American Conservatism, they can still contribute their vast knowledge and experience to help young ideological warriors and champions like Diana West, and they can still help us all in achieving the victory in the ongoing ideological war that threatens to wipe the forces of Freedom and Democracy from the face of the earth. Everything depends on Messrs. Radosh and Horowitz being the true American Patriots they say they are and not the Leftist Totalitarians they say they aren’t.

Gentlemen, pick up the phone. Give Diana West a call. Ask for her forgiveness, offer to help her in any way you can, and invite her into the fold with your blessing.

You won’t be sorry.

Feisty Hayseed • 6 months ago −
I read Diane West’s rebuttal (“If Frontpage Will Lie about This…” linked above) and noted WITH HORROR that in Mr. Horowitz’s first communication with Ms. West regarding this matter HE INSULTED HER!

On Aug 7, 2013, at 1:08 AM, david horowitz wrote:

Dear Diana,

Our decision to remove the review of American Betrayal was not because
it offered an incorrect opinion that we wanted to suppress. The review
was removed because the reviewer was as incompetent to provide an
informed assessment of your book as you were to write it.

David [Horowitz]


DogmaelJones1 • 6 months ago
Mr. Horowitz: Irrespective of the virtues or flaws in Diana West’s book, I am more than chagrined by FrontPage’s removal of Mark Tapson’s review and now by the concerted attacks on her that have ensued since she refused to
dignify Radosh’s “review” by making a career of defending herself and her work on your terms. You have not answered the question of why you chose to play the equivalent of a three-card Monte game with readers’ heads by removing the Tapson review. Its removal is indicative of dishonesty and in fact amounts to a show of no-confidence in Radosh’s review. If you thought so little of Tapson’s
review, why did you run it?

This is aside from the three-card Monte game Mr. Radosh is playing himself in defense of his review.

Now I see there is a major push to smear and discredit West and her book. You complain that she’s called you and your colleagues names. I have not noticed you or your colleagues refraining from name-calling, so you cannot really blame her for being outraged that she would be treated like a high school newspaper writer or a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism. You
insulted her and Mr. Tapson in an email, as well, alleging that Mr. Tapson was
incompetent to review the book, and West incompetent to write it. I am the author of twenty books myself, and am a good judge of competency in fiction and nonfiction. If I were Mr. Tapson, I’d call you out for a knock-down-drag-out. Why are you objecting to West doing the same? Did you really expect her to just sit back and allow her character and intelligence to be publicly given juvenile raspberries?

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