Obama is evil and Americans are turning into slaves

Those two sentiments I’ve heard more than once in print online now.

I find that a mixed bag really. I mean, what am I supposed to do now that everyone and their pet donkey has stolen these message lines? If I repeat them, I end up looking like I’m attached to somebody’s band wagon. I hate that.

So I have to find something new and something crazy, that people aren’t willing to say or write out, and also ensure the prophetic announcement comes true… that’s a hard thing to do in this day and age. (it was easier when people were uneducated and you could bamboozle them with some words of wisdom, oh wait that ain’t much different now for ObaMao).

I’ve settled on “mind control” and “American dissolution”. That’s after the 2nd US Civil War too, btw, for the second option. Even if the TP wins the US Civil War or we win it, America will still dissolve due to certain internal and external issues. Israel, Japan, South Korea…. those people are on their own now and forever. Better get working on those giant robot mecha super weapons, btw.

Well, Pax Americana was good as a Golden Age while it lasted. I don’t foresee or predict it lasting beyond this century at least. In some ways, that is a good thing for Americans and foreigners. This co-dependent relationship does not breed national vitality and independence. It was good while it lasted, but America can no longer protect the world. We can’t even protect America from Americans.

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One Comment on “Obama is evil and Americans are turning into slaves”

  1. 88 Says:

    I find it difficult to feel sympathy for Japan’s security concerns given the history of the pacific from 1894 to 1945. Half a century of wars of aggression, brutal occupation and atrocities (ever heard of unit 731?).

    Meanwhile Nazi prison guards are still having their scrawny 90 something butts hauled out to the Hague, While Japanese war criminals families form the elite of Japanese society and probably just spent new years handing out ostentatiously large otoshidama to their grandkids, without a thought for the people that suffered at their hands all over Asia.

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