To Change Yourself

There’s been some interesting articles recently on this topic of personal happiness and the pursuit thereof.

I think there’s two options people have: change themselves or change the world (other people). Leaders are mostly about taking up a position of authority to change the world and its people for some goal or purpose. Psychologists often tell you to change yourself, but that’s more to fit in with society’s rules than for any personal benefit to you.

When I speak of changing myself, I am speaking of making myself more resistant to evil and more resistant to mind control (propaganda). In so far as you should pursue your strengths instead of shoring up your weaknesses, try to pursue activities that improve your spine, your courage, your independence abilities, etc. Virtues come from personal experience and accomplishment. If you want to fix your weaknesses while doing good things, find a way to make your own self the goal of your projects. Instead of looking at society and considering how best to conform to the rules of Authorities, think about how to self direct your own evolution and adaptation instincts.

If you like this topic of self change, read the 3 articles linked here, they are very interesting background related to the central issue.

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