Sucker Punch : Movie Review

I came to review Sucker Punch because I read that author’s review of the movie as well. Which reminded me that I don’t have a review up yet.

I saw this movie years ago but promptly forgot about it. Mostly because the themes seemed rather complex without a second viewing… and I don’t pay attention to Hollywood, MSM, popular culture reviews or the internet comments on movies. The second reason is probably the more important factor in why I forgot about it.

All in all, it’s a good movie. It combines several genre hybridizations and would be what I might call “an original American made live action anime”. Girls in miniskirts, check. Girls that fight, check. Girls that socialize together, check.

The general over arching plot has to do with the dark side of humanity in a setting of enforced imprisonment. The ending, if I recall correctly, left me with bitter regret that I lacked the power to help such individuals. For even if the movie has only fictional characters, I know and remember from my research on human history that such incidents are very common across the world. Only someone with Divine level power could hope to change the world to fix such issues.

A lot of Japanese anime concerns putting a modern boy into feudal settings where he has to fight. For expected reasons, that appeals to me. Since I often feel like I was born in the Wrong Era, given my personal skills and talents.

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