Riddick: Movie Review

I found Pitch Black to be good but Chronicles of Riddick to be a little too science fiction in the “blaster stormtrooper” kind of fashion. It pulled the Riddick franchise away from the grimy, individualistc, human vs monster, theme. Riddick 2013 fixes that, for the most part. The intro did a good job of “resetting” things, although it’s not a plot reset like Star Trek.


I’ve been going through this person’s movie reviews. I found out later that he was also the same person I listened to on Brandon Sanderson’s podcasts on Writing Excuses.

I refuse to read Hollywood reviews by journalists. But people who I respect or think has something to offer intellectually or morally, I’ll take their movie reviews at face value. Stardust was recommended to me before by Laer and it worked out well. Frozen was recommended to me by Bookworm Room and that worked out. So maybe there’s some interesting Hollywood movies out there, but I won’t search through them personally.

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