Prince of Persia The Sands of Time: Movie Review

This time we’re reviewing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. We in the sense of “waga”, which the female character/heroin often uses in Uminek no Koro ni . When the Seagulls Cry.

I played the PC game this was based off of, all 3 trilogies. Although I never finished the second one (it was based upon some kind of warrior fighting theme with heavy rock). The music made me crazy.

The original PC game followed a similar plot line as the movie. So I’m glad they took the time to write up a whole movie script based upon the concepts and plot devices, while not trying to steal stuff from a game’s plot. A game is designed to be interactive, so the plot isn’t really… active most of the time as a movie would need. In fact, if they had used the PC game as the central plot outline, they could have done the complete PC game trilogy in 2 hours of show time. Doable, but maybe too much stuff for a movie.


I would characterize this movie as a sort of romantic adventure set in ancient Persia, depicting royalty and a few themes like Kingship. But the acting is far inferior to what I might expect of the Japanese, anime or live action. I refer to facial gestures and emotional touching frame working. Scenes that I knew could be worked into emotional tear jerkers using the Japanese style, were done in a Hollywood fashion, producing flat emotional tones. You get what is going on and you get what you are supposed to feel, but I don’t feel it. Women may react to it but men… probably won’t.

The entire middle part wasn’t that interesting. They do include jumping puzzles in the intro, which were a nice homage to the jumping puzzle that is the entirety of the PC game. Well almost entirely, you get to use a dagger with your martial arts and acrobatic combos in the PC game as well, which was hard to control but beautiful when executed well.


All in all, this isn’t a bad adaptation of the pc game. But the pc game was still more fun to play for 2 hours of entertainment. It may be a good compromise for a couple that can’t decide between action and romantic comedy. Which, in itself, is saying something about current trends.

P.S. The movie’s plot would actually have worked better for Elika, the 2008 or so Prince of Persia PC game’s female companion. By companion I mean the Greek usage of the term as applied to martial warriors and bonds. That was… memorable.

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