They made Iraq into Vietnam

Coincidentally, Afghanistan is also turning into Iraq pre 2006.

The zombies were originally ordered and authorized by Leftist leaders to take their emotions and vent their hate on foreign wars. Curiously now that there is no longer a need for that, Afghanistan’s casualty rates aren’t shown on daily tv news programs like Iraq’s were. That’s why people in the internet comments are still talking about Iraq and its history. That is what they were programmed to talk about.

The comments at Ace differ substantially from the norm, in that they exemplify some of my own sentiments starting from 2006-7 on. Although I don’t have as negative a reaction to Gates or Petraeus as some do.

I do wonder, from an open source intel analysis perspective, whether AQ is “well armed” in Iraq because of all the arms Obama sold to the Libyan and Syrian rebels (AQ rebels). Well, the zombies like to talk about gun control in the US. They don’t want civilians or citizens armed out on the streets or in their homes. That all certainly makes sense (or not). As it so goes, they’ll arm AL Qaeda because the Left is allied with Islamic Jihad. Democrats are thus part of the Leftist alliance. However, Obama did say to bring a gun if his enemies brought a knife to the fight. So there is that. Although the anti-air launchers sold to Libyan rebels was only technically a gun, even though they are nice for shooting down helicopters like those in Afghanistan full of US Special Forces like the Seal Team that killed OBJ.

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