The Free Market Works for Sex

I used to think this was degenerate and stupid, but while I still think it is a result of decadence and degeneracy, it’s actually not as dumb or inefficient as I thought.

Because judging by the female satisfaction rating from “hook ups” and various high school sex affairs and orgies, these girls would actually get more value if they sold their virginity than losing it at a party while stone drunk.

If every girl is getting stoned, drunk, or opening her legs for any useless and cowardly male out there, then this would of course raise the value of virginity for some idealists. But it is still extremely devalued as a form of currency or product, because the supply is not restricted. Virgins are born every year, after all, and males just have to keep prowling bars for college and high school kids. As they are doing now.

When women figure out that sexual liberation was in fact a way to keep them enslaved and get rid of First Wave Feminism’s advancements… I wonder what people will think and feel at that moment.

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2 Comments on “The Free Market Works for Sex”

  1. JB Says:

    Unintended consequences? As is said in certain circles, one must always factor in the 2nd and 3rd order effects. Feminist and Men that supported them didn’t. Society as a whole however will suffer.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, but that’s a miracle in and of itself.

    It reminds me of those traditional society stories where a woman uses her body to steal a man from another woman, to make him her husband and be treated to a life long prosperity.

    In the modern Westernized world, even for Brazil, it’s more effective to get the money to purchase life luxuries, given there’s no value placed in a partnership between man and woman.

    So those same calculating women that used their bodies to get a husband for life security, now are doing it with a different method for the same goal: life security.

    I’m of the view that many of the communists, anti-humans, socialists, and fascists that took over 2nd and 3rd wave feminism knew exactly the value that women had in marriages and life (economic) partnerships. That is why they intentionally sought to destroy the value of a woman in the kitchen and feminine values/knowledge. A single woman with such abilities would accrue value over time based upon free trade and marketing, but that’s not the kind of woman that can be made to rely on the feminist organization for power. Just as with welfare, there’s no “leverage” if individuals can sustain their lives by themselves or via their own hard work.

    The upper echelon classes in America either go out of their way to keep their wealth after divorce, or never get divorced at all. They are one of the best proponents for single motherhood and female freedom, though. Because it keeps the competition down.

    P.S. While the high school population in bars and public places are probably low numbers, I have heard that newly admitted male teachers of the feminist or Democrat persuasion are getting quite a target population in the schools they teach. Must be the new Teacher’s Union of democratic faithful Equality working at its best.

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