American Betrayal author vs Horowitz

I never recognized Horo as being a high level agent amongst the Left. Like his family, he was merely part of the cannon fodder front. They didn’t tell his family much of anything. I doubt he’ll get the redemption he seeks by going on with such agendas of his and Radosh.

Somebody went on the batphone and entered VLADIMIR BUKOVSKY.

The thing about Horo is that come the civil war, his name is going to end up on two lists. Why he thinks that’s a good idea… I have no idea.

One thing that has particularly irritated the Consensus was Mrs. West’s comparison of America, governed by Soviet agents, to an occupied country. No wonder. If the country was occupied and governed by quislings, we have to stop talking about “spies” and instead have to talk about collaborationists. Any country that has done this in the past could not escape the conclusion that the entire Establishment, to a greater or lesser extent, had been responsible. And this is one conclusion which the entire Consensus had been working hard to avoid for the past 75 years.

That should be one thing Americans cannot imagine. After all, it’s not like we live under a regime in the freedom of the US, is it?

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