The Good Old Days of America

1930s infiltration of American institutions and branches of power in:

School of Darkness by Bella Dodd told an interesting story, but now we have other sources that tell a similar kind of story.

A lot concerning American civic duties and virtues in that open essay formatted website. Also a story about how it all went away before any of us were born in the good old US.

Easy slide show to show the slide into Totalitarian Evil.

Learn about mind control or conversational hypnosis. It’s very important.

This is connected to subconscious hypnotic conversational techniques, Pick Up Artist dating and sex amplification techniques, and even the whole Creative vs Social Authority piece I wrote before this one.

I’ve never heard of this Darren Brown before or services he has been associated with. My research on mind control started with PUA community, or rather Pick Up Artist communities.

The Left is just creating more slave fodder for the coming war in Harvard.

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