When Bears Kill

I really think you shouldn’t have kept your hands in your pants against a bear trained to bite down on someone’s arm when wrestling.

Also, don’t grab the neck and push him, he thinks you are wrestling him.

Also, don’t smack a bear on the back of the head with a 4 by 2. It won’t do anything except cause an adrenaline spike via pain, and the bear will tear out whatever he is gripping. To the bear, whatever he is wrestling with is the threat. He doesn’t “see” you, whacking him on the head. Pepper spray seemed a lot more effective. The guy who has the fastest reactions… also didn’t use the spray. Does that make sense to you?

In a combat scenario, maybe it does. You know, the whole KISS principle, Murphy strikes again, and Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Randy had prepared to be attacked, but that kind of mental focus was perhaps a problem in this situation. Even though Randy is personally around the bear all the time, he should try to diversify his scenario training beyond just self defense, mentally speaking. All that experience wrestling with the bear, 1v1, does not apply to rescuing somebody else wrestling with a bear. Randy perhaps placed too much trust in an amateur. Randy did misread the risk, but I don’t think it was a lethal mistake. The lethal mistake was probably the 4 by 4 (2) hit to the back of the bear’s head. That must have hurt. So he clenched down his teeth. Don’t you get stressed if you feel pain, and then rage/anger at the one that inflicted it on you? Crippling and maiming injuries (to the eyes) cause us to retreat, but painful hits just make us angry. Bears don’t react any much different.

These are my conclusions from analyzing the entire video and their retrospective look.

People in the comments are talking crazy stuff as usual: animal rights, lawyering up, destroying people’s lives because their precious bears are in a cage. If humans are so bad, then the youtube comments just proves it. They don’t treat their fellow humans as human. They treat an animal as being superior to a human. And they think the problem is with people like Randy? I don’t think so.

As for why I came to these conclusions… it’s not because I’m a bear expert or someone who works with animals. It’s a combination of learning from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, and learning about how the human body reacts to kill or be killed situations: the adrenal system. There are experts on animal behavior, and I learn from them not just what to do and when to do it, but why: the theory behind it all. Then I adapt that theory to my practical experience fighting with the human body. So I get the benefits of excellent theory with excellent personal experience.

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