The Final Solution: Supported by women

The same thing will happen in the US, as people stick their head in the sand pretending the tsunami will go away with time and elections.

“500,000 women had front-row seats to the Final Solution, where they watched and benefitted from the rapidly declining “racially inferior” masses. And yet their presence, and their atrocities, have been largely ignored for the last 70 years. Twenty years ago, Lower was researching in Zhytomyr, a city in western Ukraine, leafing through the normal stuff of archives, the fading ink and illegible handwriting on tattered paper, some of which had bootprints and charred edges. It was there, among the German records that had been inaccessible under the Iron Curtain, that Lower began to notice an abundance of women’s names among the empire-builders. . . . There is link between the shockingly cavalier testimony given by these women and our collective ignorance of their actions in the Nazi East: genocide is usually considered the business of men, and thus, when it came time to call Nazis to account for their crimes, prosecutors were less interested in these women than in their male colleagues and husbands. . . . Jewish survivors have consistently described German women in the Nazi East as violent tormenters, not innocent bystanders.”

Do not believe in the lies from authority concerning “better systems”. Female genital mutilation in Africa and Islam is primarily enforced by women. There are numerous females in North Korea’s totalitarian regime, not as backups to the power but as the authority and power itself.

There’s a reason why the term “Femi-nazis” exist in popular speech, even though we wish to think there is no historical back up or evidence for it.

The world is not what modern history says it is. Truth is not what the authorities say it is in high school or college. TV, talking heads, and news reporters aren’t telling the truth. Because they aren’t allowed to know the truth.

Always research things and acquire sources of data on your own. Do not make decisions about the fabric of reality based upon the word of anyone else. Independence of thought does not come from obeying your cultural, religious, government, or economic hierarchy. Of course it doesn’t come from rebelling against it either, that’s just another type of tool used by external provocateurs.

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