Authoritarian regimes: Feminist Agendas

In Japan, most of these issues would be disciplined, resolved, and moderated by the actual students, who have the most to lose. In the US, it is authoritarian straight on down from the President of the school. That’s some micro there.

The article spends a lot of time on getting the kangaroo court procedures down, but that’s not what I’m primarily interested in. What I’m interested in is how Strange’s girlfriend “freaked out”.

This gives a hint to me that she has been conditioned in her past. By what? A former boyfriend? Female feminist hypnotists that implanted false memories? Prior experience with rape and/or porn emulation? Strange distanced himself from her, locking himself in a room and sending the keys down to her. That may seem natural or the right decisoin, but I think that’s the wrong decision. One of the only ways to deprogram and de-condition people who have been whipped as dogs and conditioned the way Skinner conditioned his rats, is to physically bond with them. To transfer your emotional calmness to them via physical touch, when words alone do nothing. Good intention on Strange’s part, but leaving her alone like that would automatically mean her conditioning and whoever was pulling her strings (like the school feminists) would have ultimate power over her.

A lot of what people do in that situation, such as the false accusations, are what they do because they obey their authority. And their authority isn’t you, the male or boyfriend, but the Leftist Totalitarian Regime and their reps. Some do it for revenge or greed, but many just do it because they were ordered to do so. Because they were commanded to do so by society, because this is “right”, and so forth. Those that lack a spine and an integrated self identity, are very vulnerable to being “told what to do”.

Strange, by giving his girlfriend space… ultimately merely lost control of her and access to her. If you have no control over your partner’s actions and if you have no say in her behavior, even though you care the most for her out of all the strangers around you two… nothing good will result. When she is given to the control and authority of those who will use her up as another tool in the Regime’s war.

Women, like men, can be conditioned similar to how animals are conditioned and trained. This is called dehumanization or rather demoting someone from a human that uses free will to an animal that can be controlled. In situations where your spouse, male or female, cannot control themselves, you can’t treat them as human. Somebody has demoted them. YOu need to first promote them, break them of the shackles of slavery first, before your words can do anything good.

Remember the Manson murders? How did he gain authority over so many young girls that males of this generation cannot gain, even though he was an evil Fer? Why are the ones in authority, always the evil and the ones who treat humans as cattle and as slaves? Because those who care for your lover, refuses to control them, refuses the throne of power, refuses the Authority and all that it means, because they want to treat their lover as an Equal.

I’m sorry to say this, but a person that has been tortured and conditioned for years by the Left… isn’t your equal. They won’t behave the way you expect them to.

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