Dog Whisperer: Bites for Food Aggression

Cesar’s reactions against the dog in the beginning is very quick. Even with my movement detection, I don’t notice his telegraphs. I also don’t notice what he is reacting to, since I hear the dog growl or something right as Cesar pokes the dog and stops the growling. That’s amazing aural perception and body language perception on his part. I do wonder why he doesn’t wear metal protectors on his hands and forearms. He seems to favor the use of his arm quickness when physically managing dogs and there’s no reduced functionality to wearing armor cloth. He does, after all, use a plastic hand as a tool (I suppose I use my steel for the same purpose). I prefer using my feet for mobility instead of getting that close. Then again, I can stand on one leg with good balance for all kinds of movements. Leaning over things and using my hands to pick stuff up from the ground, is something I don’t feel comfortable with. I’m much more mobile standing straight up than kneeling on the ground. Also my instincts are to automatically protect my vital spots and areas.

I don’t have those reflexes and judgment, which Cesar demonstrated, with dogs at close range. Especially not strange, semi feral, dogs. I can project an aura field that keeps them at a distance or calms them down, but the ability to react that fast to stop a bite is too subtle for me. I would have to study a single dog for a substantial amount of time before I would be comfortable getting into touching range.

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