Meditations on Violence: Review

I finished the book, by Rory Miller, a few weeks ago. Without knowing about his ideas in depth, I had reached the same conclusions in the past few years of intense personal development and study. So a lot of things in his book didn’t seem so much new or surprising to me, as old and familiar. Which is not bad, per say.

Much of it focuses on the stark “facts” of violence, as seen from his own personal experience and perspective but which I can quantify and verify using my own sources. The “facts” also included the usage and control of adrenaline, fight hormones, produced by the body and injected into the blood stream. I’ve seen for myself the difference between rage and fear, and fear always a better combat state sooner than rage. Rage took for awhile to “work up”. That can be dangerous when you need the pain immunity, greater strength, and time dilation perceptions right now against a killer.

While I can’t say I learned all that much new, it was very comforting to compare what I know to what Miller put in the book.

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