Feminism: Hijacked by the Left


Well, that’s to be expected of the police that they sit around and do nothing. They are soldiers, of a kind, under authority after all. But don’t take that to mean if you terminate the feminists, the police won’t be ordered to get rid of you. They act under authority, so when no orders come, fear paralyzes them. But when you start standing up and resisting the machine of the Leftist alliance, then the orders will be cut to suppress your group of peasants and slave revolters. Those under authority will then obey, gladly now that they have a justification to do something, just like the park rangers did.

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2 Comments on “Feminism: Hijacked by the Left”

  1. 88 Says:

    Wouldn’t labeling feminism “hijacked” imply that it wasn’t actually created by the “leftist powers”?

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    That is so. The one that was original and grassroots was


    In many of the institutions founded by such women, they came back and realized the movement had morphed into something they hated. So they resigned their leadership, since the majority of the active members were active Leftists and wouldn’t do anything they were told to do anyways.

    Most institutions in the US at least, you can find with similar histories. This takes advantage of the natural inclination for human beings to organize around a hierarchy, with a designated leader. Because once you control the upper hierarchy and put in your leader, you control that organization. Even if you didn’t build that organization and somebody else sacrificed sweat and blood for it.

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