They just look like prophecies, but it’s merely common sense; gather the data and connect the dots.

Facebook is already a tool for gathering information that the government is not allowed by law to gather. The servers that store the info, strangely, also don’t delete the data such as pictures. All the feds have to do is to nationalize FB.

It looks like the feds were already telling Facebook what to do and how to do it, but everything appeared privately owned and controlled. Until the fascist economy suddenly bloomed and everyone goes “hey, nobody told me about this”.

Snowden’s Going Rogue on the NSA/CIA (including their backdoor mirrors of Facebook, Google services) happened in the same year around summer. But I remember as early as 2008 telling people that the gov already had the power to use things like FB for setting up death squad target lists of Americans. The reply back then was that I shouldn’t “give the feds ideas”. As if they didn’t already have these “ideas”…

Probably has something to do with lingering Democrat attachments in the South. People just can’t think straight these days, even if they have “lots of guns”. I guess the guns didn’t do the thinking after all. But it’s better than what Leftists propagandists would have said, denying the existence of such programs or blaming it on scapegoats.

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