Indians burn widows, Islam FGMs

I missed this the first time, but the Indian culture developed the whole widow burning thing as a reaction to Islamic conquests. Once Islamic hordes killed all the males, the women would be kept in perpetual sexual slavery. Thus the practice of a widow killing themselves when their husband is dead.

There’s not a lot of theories about why people would do that otherwise. Even the Bhaalists in Cartilege only sacrificed first borns of the nobility to control population. Widowed women were normally a valuable commodity or had social protections/property. They didn’t just kill themselves because they felt like it. Nor was Romeo and Juliet’s fate something the world had an economic reason to emulate.

Islamic hordes can cause a lot of “adjustments” in local culture. The fact that people aren’t even aware that there is a connection between Indian practices and Islamic practices, shows the power of Islam and of their allies, the Left. Knowledge is power. An ignorant slave is not a full step above a tool. Even if the Left does not destroy America’s immune system via AIDS, somebody else will finish the job against a weakened America. Whether the 2nd Civil War occurs or whether it is interrupted by a conquering invasion, there’s no avoiding fate.

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