Quantum Physics: Reality is not simple


The lower the human eye searches for things below the sub atomic plane, the more irrational the constructs become. The more macroscopic the scope, the more irrational things become.

From both ends, the explanation goes towards entites equivalent to gods.

From a biological perspective, the argument can be that simple proteins formed molecular and cellular systems by accident or the argument is that the complexity of the proto-cellular system is too complex to be formed from simple ingredients alone. So evolution is supposed to take simple systems and make them better or more complex. But what if evolution is merely making something that was originally complex and reducing it to a simpler frame of reference by downgrading the scale of complexity via increasing the scale of size?

God created the heavens and the earth, is what the prophets declared and wrote down, in one form or another. Is the creator of a simulation not equivalent to God? But if divinity is not found in the cosmos, then you can also search for it by delving deep within the ingredients of energy and matter, below the sub-atomic plane of existence where will itself is more powerful than atomic energy.

If divinity is found within the small things, then evolution merely makes them work together as something that is greater than the sum of its part or evolution removes a creation from the origin source: divinity.

If divinity is found out in the cosmos, at a macroscopic or higher dimensional level, then the question becomes why did divine power go to the effort of creating a universe. Just to simulate what life would think of things? To simulate how to create life, how to sustain it? To create DNA computers called humans, that will use crowd sourcing and distributed calculations to figure out questions that the Divine Creator doesn’t have the time to figure out? All kinds of things become possible to think of, that is not limited by the concept of evolution vs Genesis. There are more threads in the fabric of reality than two simple theories.

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