New World Order: Raising Children

Not being a subject I’ve done much research on, but it looks like several others have chosen it as their semi specialty in life.

Generally speaking, the theme that ties the two authors above together is reliance on individual judgment rather than external authority to determine right from wrong, justice from injustice.

Book functions as part of a two parent home, which would theoretically avoid much of Stefan’s claim concerning negative predictive results for single parent homes on child destinies.

This is a very long term strategy for healing the damage done, but it is better than nothing (doing nothing). It also conforms to my own personal concepts of the Way, which is to change/improve myself rather than try to change other people or government policies/politics. Using external power to affect external actors and subjects is clearly a form of yang expression. When applied against a nation of 330 million people… that’s a lot of energy expenditure. Now the political ruling class can keep up their ways because they siphon and suck in the life blood of their slaves and cattle livestock all the time but… don’t think I’ll be participating in that solution for the use of power. It’s quite obvious at what point power becomes imbalanced between yin and yang.

The Japanese material I’ve been studying on their culture and morality teachings for children will probably outweigh my knowledge of Western child rearing practices, ironically enough.

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