New Orleans Gun Confiscation

A bunch of domestic American livestock and some foreigners often use the excuse that “gun confiscation is just a slippery slope that doesn’t exist”.

Unfortunately for us, it’s already happened. Nobody told them though. Nobody in authority gave them permission to think about this kind of stuff.

The video is a bit out there in terms of emotional tones, but the eyewitness testimony for the gun confiscation operation is very interesting.

It looks like due to a lack of guts to send the US Marines into Detroit and Chicago to clean it out like Fallujah, we’re the ones going to be “cleaned out” by the US Armed Forces and police forces. Well use em or lose em. Guess we didn’t use em when we had a chance. However, occupying 300 million Americans will be far harder than the 50m in Iraq. Or was it 30m in Iraq.

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