Individual free will in the modern age

I don’t agree with everything this person claims, but I do respect the process by which he arrived at those conclusions. I often thought that when too many people agreed with me, either I was being brainwashed or they were.

On a slightly different note, I often hear that the recent generations have a “short attention” span. But in fact video games, pc games, and various internet social media has made those who utilize it, have a longer attention span. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was only people older than me who spoke about things being too long to read. They didn’t use the tl;dr shortcut. Those that did, meant something like the material was boring or that they didn’t get it. But it seems the length complaint was much more prevalent amongst older people who understood the concept in the words and what the point was, yet still complained about the length rather than the content.

So short attention span, something pre 1970 generation more than post 2001 generation? I’m not quite firm on the idea that the 5 second sound bite and short attention span is something designed for and by the newer generation. There’s a lot of things concerning using or making internet era technology work that requires a substantial amount of focus.

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