Liberal Fascism

Going via a blast to the past, we visit 2006, when I said:
But you have to realize that they aren’t the only part of the alliance here. If you look at pre WWII Germany, and the brown coats. Socialism is a very good way of introducing a far more authoritarian system, which people like Mussolini and Hitler will take advantage of.

So, no, socialists by themselves will convince no one, even if they have convinced themselves. Socialists backed by fascists, however, is a different proposition. Just because the Islamic fascists will purge the socialists after gaining power, is not something the socialists want to know about.

The socialists believe in speaking Truth to Power. They believe that the psychological component of an ideological fight is supreme. However, Hitler understood that intimidation through death squads was just as psychologically effective, if not more so, than simple slogans and gangs of youth.

It is one of the reasons why the ACLU is allied with CAIR.

So long as the far Left, the Left, and the Left Left Left believe speaking Truth to Power means whatever you can define “Truth” as (Dan Rather), then I tend to think that yes, they do believe whatever slogans they come up with is the truth and therefore is powerful.

At the time, I was experimenting with and testing out various theories concerning the Left’s organization. Ultimately deciding upon the term of an “alliance” of mutual interests, but not compatible ideologies. Islam + Feminism isn’t ideologically compatible, but they make for good allies due to shared interests and goals. Later I found out that the Leftist alliance consisted of a lot of domestic US organizations as well.

…[T]he park service [used to be] your friendly friends at parks.

Until Obama ordered them to put the rod down on the peasants, and many of them obeyed, though not all.

Yes, the Park “Rangers” incident. Liberal Fascism started a long time ago, but only recently did people see the “Face” of the fascism.

First the IRS, then the NSA and the NPS. The more we learn about any specific department/bureau, the worse it gets.

As I said some time ago, I think the reason True the Vote was offered a deal to end their lawsuit was because it would expose the abuse of even more agencies: EPA, FBI and ATF in addition to IRS.

It’s beginning to look like the whole government is bad, not just a few bad apples.-Matt SE

The Park Service has spent decades and a lot of effort to create their “brand,” represented by the cute, friendly “Smoky the Bear” character, there to protect, inform, and to guide you toward having a happy time, usually with your family, and it only took Obama a couple of days to ruin that image and perception.-Wolla Dalbo

Normally Neo’s commenters are older and more perceptive/wiser than the average, but even the average voter or American reader could sense there was something was wrong here with the government and Democrat fascism.

This is not rock bottom. This isn’t even close. This isn’t the end of the beginning either. It will get much worse. If mere words and media propaganda won’t convince people to Obey the Regime… the gangs and deathsquads will be the next trick.

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