Blast to the Past: 2008 Political Perspectives

Just some highlights and predictions I made several years back, in a comment section concerning our current Regime Lord.

You don’t really prefer propaganda to truth, coercion to free debate.-EC

The truth has never won anyone over by itself. What has won people over is forcing them to confront truth, ala Iraq. That’s what happened with Neo and partially with Book. Saying the truth to a person that doesn’t believe it or believes it is a lie, is pointless, EC. Propaganda is only one solution to such a conundrum.

Who is to say what is the truth [people disagree and it’s his word vs hers]? Sure, I can take a position, but what good does that do in the greater strategic field? You got to get some kind of real strategy to effect strategic changes on the battlefield of men’s souls.

Neither lies nor honesty in propaganda will ever change a person’s viewpoint. People change cause they want to change. Propaganda, however, can offer that choice to people when they may not even realize they have a choice about changing their beliefs. They may believe their choice is between Evil and Good, when propaganda may tell them that their choice is between a lesser good or greater good. Or even a lesser evil vs a greater evil.

[…]simply prefer your made-up characterization of how liberals think to actually engaging one-EC

As I said before, I require greater study into a person’s psychological make up before I can make comparisons between them, as an individual, and the greater Leftist ideology that permeates the world. It is hard to do so via just writing, but you’d be surprised what you can learn just through words.

If this blog is really a no-liberals-welcome site, then I’ll have to take your suggestion to heart…

The one element to fake liberals that I don’t like, precisely because every one of them has it in one instance or another, is the arrogance. Arrogance not perhaps in a sense about their person or their social status or their human flaws, but an arrogance, and a conceit at that, concerning the righteousness of their views. Fake liberals do not even consider that they might be wrong when they go off on a tangential judgment. They just make a conclusion and go off on it acting as if it is true. And when they will stop, nobody knows.

I posted a link to Second Conjecture which has respectful arguments, and even non-respectful arguments, between conservatives, libertarians, and other people that don’t agree. [EC refuses to go there and acknowledge his preferences]

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