Yang manifestations: Destructive applications

Building on the previous post, which concerned itself with health, recovery, and healing, this one will focus on the obverse or opposite and contradictory side of things. Just as a coin has two sides stuck to each other, so the same applies to yin and yang, passive and active, light and dark, matter and antimatter.

A neck and shoulder stretch can be nice. Apply a sharp and continually accelerating force at the neck in the same angle and the upper vertebrates will be damaged, snap, or transmit to the brain and shut it down. Hit at a slightly different point on the neck to shoulder connection, and the arteries/veins will be shut off, starving the brain of oxygen, commanding a System Wide Shut down due to lack of power/coolant. Hitting a different spot on the neck, will shut down the central nervous system via overloading the neural shafts that conduct electricity amongst nerve clusters, overloading, overheating them, causing the brain /spine to shut down part of the CNS to avoid catastrophic damage/loss.

While warming your extremities can be nice when things get cold/windy, funneling air warmed in your abdomen to your muscles will result in additional explosive power and acceleration. The intent: blow a hole through a person’s internal organs, exceeding their capability to absorb the shock and energy. This is similar to the Ki Ai shout in Karate’s kimei, or focusing punches. Much as a woman breathes in air and uses it to help the muscles involved in childbirth, so the same method can be used to unleash maximum potential muscular power in attacks. Alternatively, a sniper uses the yin manifestation of breathing air in order to stabilize aiming and process bullet trajectories better in the mind. The explosive power of yang manifestations is not required when the bullet and powder does most of the work. Yin and Yang are not so much creation and destruction (that is the Wu itself, the infinite harmony), but merely different methods of achieving all kinds of goals. Yin can be used to destroy. Yang can be used to help create. The reverse is also true.

Destruction and Creation, not always as far apart as the majority thinks it is.

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