Martial Arts: Healing Aspects

A list of various techniques or methods I use to deal with problems in life trying to kill me. But instead of martial arts “boom” techniques, this is the other side of things. You know how in League of Legends you can specialize in dps (damage per second) or healing? Yeah, similar concept.

1. Huge pain in the neck, left or right, due to muscle cramps that also reach the side side of the ocular nerves: Shoulder and neck stretches via extending the fingers straight to the left and tilting the head to the right and chin up.

2. Nervousness or anxiety: with the hand held on the stomach, breath in starting the expansion there first, then when it feels full slowly relax to exhale.

3. Being cold on a windy day: focus the mind on the extremities, pull in air, heat it up inside the belly, and then crunch the abdomen as you exhale and visualize the blood flow to your extremities. Also helped by using your hands to touch the channels on your skin to better connect mind to body.

4. Take pride in doing something well, for yourself, by yourself: disconnect your sense of reliance on society and others via independent resources and identity. All the common fears and anxieties, including worries about the future are attached to people’s sense of survival, rooted in human instincts.

5. Watch sunrises, sun sets, the sky change color, and various other aspects of your environment that is growing or alive. Update, maintain, and increase your microbiome symbiotes.

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One Comment on “Martial Arts: Healing Aspects”

  1. G6loq Says:

    jin shin jyutsu, mary burmeister

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