Western science studies Tai Chi

Taiji Chuan, the school of universal/supreme boxing.


I’m not surprised by the scientific (real science, not Gaian religious eco terrorist cults) results, since I’ve researched the art on my own and decided to take up its study. I discovered many mysteries and many benefits associated with Taiji Chuan, which gave me a personal motivation to find out its secrets. As is the case with any scientist when presented with an unexplained natural phenomenon.

While China has many internal arts that utilize gravity, bone structure, and various other things inside the human body in order to decrease the reliance on muscle pulley systems to exert external force, Taiji Chuan is a combination of two tried and true methods in ancient history: the circle and the line.

This forms a spiral, with power manifested in such phenomenon as the drill, the tornado, the hurricane, the black hole. Daoism, or the metaphysics of ying and yang, is a human concept of the Wu, or unlimited energy of the universe (Big Bang), split into two opposing and interconnected forces. In Western terms, an analogy might be anti matter and matter. While constructed of the same fundamental material, the properties are different due to the way the energy matrix is aligned (positive or negative).

Tai Chi thus seeks to use the human body as a focus lens, a funnel, a mag bottle, in order to contain these forces of the universe, mix them together in a spiral, and then harness the explosive power that results. Everything after that point is just an argument over techniques, which aren’t important.


Two popular entertainment shows that utilize this concept are Gurren Lagann (infinite spiral evolution) and Naruto (Rasengan). The Eastern entertainment matrix is based upon educating youths (in societal harmony) and expanding their minds, contrary to current Western notions of entertainment which produce better sex workers and HBO porn stars. A difference of priorities, perhaps.

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