Mystery of Human Biology Systems

One of the reasons individuals are resistant to authority telling them what to do in life is because at a certain level humanity knows that its future success depends on mutual benefit and symbiosis, not parasitism or slavery.

If you gain no benefit from obeying a US President’s order to give up your money so he can spend it on his cronyies, not much other than force can be used to make you obey. Force then exerts energy and wastes it, energy that life needs to sustain itself.

The individuals that are resistant to hypnosis, resistant to obeying authority, and resistant to interrogation are a small minority in any country. For the most part, humans obey orders. If they don’t have a God as an authority telling them what is right and wrong, they will look to a man made god, a messiah, to tell them what is right and wrong, who needs killing and who is righteous. They will then obey. The US park service did obey in enforcing the order to make sure Americans aren’t allowed on Obama’s public property. The IRS obeyed orders to audit Tea Party activists and authorize funding for Obama’s supporters. The ATF obeyed when Eric Holder told them to force gun sellers to ship assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels. SWAT teams obey the order to fire on innocent people, because they had a gun in a house the SWAT raided by mistake due to getting the address wrong. Anyone that points a gun at a LEO gets what they deserve, was the reply from the police union bosses. When Americans in Libya requested military assistance as they held out for day and night, were met with the obedient military response of “we are told to stand down, we obey and the officer that wished to disobye was relieved of his command”.

Judging by how human biology works, whether you think nature created humanity or God created nature to maintain the system, it doesn’t work in the long term this “coercive” experience of ours.

The scientists can tell us the “science is done”, that there will be no new data. But we know there’s always new data and that science is never done. The authority of scientists to tell us what to think because we’re too stupid or uneducated to get it, is the same authority telling us how to live our lives.

Many people are satisfied with this in the world, because their family/clan reaps the benefits and riches of resource redistribution. It’s redistributed to them, stolen from those that earned it. This coercive, parasitic relationship is never healthy in a human organization. Just as it is not healthy for a human body.

It is now more important than ever that people learn to think for themselves, by themselves, instead of relying on authorities to tell them what is what.

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