It used to be paranoia but now white vs black race war crimes are normal

5vs1, not incredibly difficult odds. Depending on who the “1” is, though. Tevin Geike and his 2 friends (allies) were potentially facing a slightly uneven number of enemies, but because of certain factors the lethal force effectiveness was all on the other side. I’ve often wondered why that is the way it is.

US military training conditions a subject, recruit, to pull the trigger only when proper authorization is given. Even cases where on combat bases, where female service members could not avoid their rapists or rape conducive conditions but were issued loaded weapons, they weren’t able to fire on their rapist comrades. No proper authorization was given to fire by the Authorities in charge.

Civilians and to a certain extent, individualized Special Forces, have similar sets of conditioning but there’s also a lot of counter conditioning designed to remove these limiters based upon individual choice and will. No authorities required. Ranger school and SEAL initiation ceremonies are designed to break down a person into his fundamental components, in order to inculcate confidence and a better identity and spirit. Basic training does this, but it’s more intended to replace a subject’s civilian morality with military morality. Ranger sleep deprivation hits you in your very bones, the depths of your mind, where emotion, fear, societal conditioning, and various other things stop mattering. There’s no energy to worry about that stuff any more. You can quit any time. So why don’t you quit? What stops you from quitting? There’s no societal shame to quitting, so why quit already. But the ones that make it, don’t quit. They don’t stop. Something drives them, something in their spirit and soul, just like a warrior.

In effect, a soldier will pull the trigger or die, when commanded to. A warrior will only kill or die, based upon his own personal beliefs or the personal leader he trusts/loves. Thus a samurai combined certain abilities of the warrior, with the benefit of the soldier via the true sincere loyalty to a master.

Nations train their patriots to fight for country, but this is a very abstract kind of goal. Humans were evolved and designed almost, to fight for personal reasons above all else. The clan, tribe, family, self. Things that mattered. Things that were irreplaceable. A nation won’t die, however, even if a few citizens die. A nation won’t die if a soldier refuses to pull the trigger because the horror of war has always been drilled into him not to kill, and no authorities were present to yell him into compliance.

In the comments, there was this interesting line.

If Tevin Geike’s battle buddies are saavy enough to track down armed Taliban in the worst terrain in the world, I’ll bet they’ll be able to quickly track down the SOB who murdered Tevin.

If I were Tevin’s assailant right now, I’d be afraid…very afraid.

If I were the culprits, I wouldn’t be afraid of personal vengeance. That’s not how soldiers operate, or at least that’s not how they were intended to operate by the State. The State did not train conscienceless killers or those who would go out and shoot without authorization. Since often times, the first people disgruntled soldiers will shoot are the government agents (Ft. Hood, Islamic sleeper attacks in US combat bases by US soldiers)

If you are a successfully trained soldier, you have a significant amount of conditioned and socialized limiters and barriers restricting your behavior and your skills from being used. This is intentional, not a bug. For the young, say 17-25 aged, the conditioning is very strong. As time goes by and you form more of a self identity, acquire your own individual and personal motivations, the conditioning lessens. It lessens to a point where some might call it “bitter vet syndrome” or “grandpa’s stubborn bitterness”, where an individual wants his way and will refuse to bow down. It is certainly true that the older you become, the less society’s threats against you seem to feel critical. Thus parents can tell the kids that they should ignore bullying, intimidation, ridicule, and in being proper members of society to pretend such bullies do not exist. Perhaps an adult might not pay attention to the ridicule of some kiddie, but a kid certainly has to pay attention to it. Different worlds, different environments, different social hierarchies.

To me, 5 untrained males are merely meat for the sauce, my personal training tools which I will break or throw out based upon my will. They have to prove they are human to me, first, before I care. To some others, those 5 or one of the 5, is a lethal threat to them. Personally, the more lethal threats that manifest around me, the “more my limiters fall”. I have only experienced a partial release back when I was younger and had little experience in lethal force or violence. I always wonder what it’ll feel like to have access to my full capabilities and skills, when appropriately triggered.

So, lesson here in short is… figure out yourself first, before you get into a conflict where your lack of preparedness kills you, your loved ones, your buddies, or your lover. The things that are precious to you, the things that you cannot replace no matter what you do in life, watching evil people toy around with your girl, torture your buddies, and destroy your family, these are the things you should use up your life to prevent. But will power and military training alone, is not enough. You have to train yourself. Nobody is going to be able to make the decision for you on what to do. Nobody is going to yell in your ear, like some drill instructor, telling you where to strike, how to talk, and when to back off. Nobody, but yourself. It’s all on you.

If you value life itself, then use up your life now. If you value your irreplaceable ones, burn your life essence as fuel and sacrifice, before death takes you. Even if all you ever valued in life was your own life, you need the existence of others, your allies, to help you accomplish your goals, to keep yourself from dying. For death will come, no matter how highly you are born or how low you are in society’s eyes. Death is the greatest equalizer on this planet, perhaps even in the universe. Learn it well.

Color Codes

Very nice article. Never read it, but I know it well, somehow.


While this blog post was never intended to criticize Tevin Geike or his allies, certain fundamental facts will eventually be found out one way or another. What I’m about to describe aren’t exact factual statements, but merely probable causes for why things happened as they did.

It seems out of the 5 people coming from the “sedan”, one was an aggressor type of leader and the 4 were lackeys or followers. While not much was described of their reactions, the single reaction they did describe is enough. When a white person proclaims to their face that he is a combat veteran, in the eyes of the insecure black hoods, this might be taken as a challenge or threat. Four out of the five flinched or attempted to backtrack, but one did not. I consider him the leader, since out of any group there will be those who meet challenges from outside and those who refuse to meet challenges and are overthrown from positions of authority in the group. From the perspective of the 3 that were attacked, they “could do nothing” and “they were at the wrong time and place” for people just “looking for trouble”. From my analysis, that is not entirely true. Black hoods riding in their cars always yell out like that, as some sort of courage test. The loudness of their voices hide their internal insecurities and fears.

The specific breaking point was the challenge. A black wannabe thug or actual thug, may feel his manhood (what there is of it) is challenged by a white guy saying he’s a combat veteran. From our perspective, that makes little sense. But in the perspective of black culture, Leftist rap propaganda about war and baby killing, the blacks may have feared these “myrmidons” out to get them. The victim being white, perhaps reinforced that fear.

Unlike Leftists or Democrats in control of US inner cities, I don’t make excuses for people. But if a dog has rabies, humans kind of need to know that and know what that means and how to deal with it. If you don’t know what’s going on with these sub cultures in the US and if you hide your head in the sand, how are you ever going to deal with it when you are alone and surrounded by the local environmental predators? Military members can take this as a kind of AAR (after action report). While I haven’t been in the exact same scenario as these individuals, I have encountered very similar situations as them. This is thus not an analysis of what really went on between 5 blacks and 3 patriotic whites, but merely a different point of view. Sometimes a battlefield is better seen from a different perspective than the rumble at the front. For those that want to look at something to help them grasp my view, consider this video. The attacker is a former trainer that helped me out. That is what multiple knife stabbings by untrained or slightly experienced people should look like. Generally, if you aren’t training against that, seeing it and feeling it in your drills, you are not undergoing operant conditioning. And the operant conditioning designed to get a soldier to shoot and move on command, does not translate 100% to knife attacks. Another video, this time of a CCTV incident, was something I found useful.

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    Color Codes

    Very nice article. Never read it, but I know it well, somehow.

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