On Killing: What is it good for

Unlike social games and domination, which is good for manipulating human resources to get things done (your way), killing does not accomplish social goals. It just destroys the existence of something you don’t want to exist: namely the free will of this proto bio form of life.

Atrocities, propaganda, psychological warfare before or after killing, like the way Palestinians mutilate the live or dead bodies of IDF soldiers, is useful on a social level, in intimidating or manipulating enemy morale. But the killing itself only serves the purpose of terminating something. There is no need for negotiations, no need to cooperate with an enemy that does not exist, and thus no need to talk to or understand that which does not exist.

Dave Grossman‘s On Killing presents a number of claims with a number of different variations and examples backing his concepts up.

This relates to H2H training in a few ways. First, you have to be accustomed to making the right neural links in your brain for the situation at hand. By that I don’t mean conditioning your body to hit or use techniques. The pure intent is what your body pays attention to in life and death situations. That which you truly value. If in a fight, you truly value your life and wish to avoid hate and conflict, then you will avoid it. You will walk backwards as you try to punch forwards, accomplishing nothing productive as 1 cancels out 2. In a life or death situation, if you are forced to make the decision between escape or fight, and you choose fight, what happens when you don’t want to fight, have never thought about killing another person, and view killing and violence as evil? If those are your true beliefs, then your instincts will stall, you will freeze, because your survival instincts will try to override your identity. (Like a hard disk reformatting itself) If you value survival more, the survival instincts kick in and we have killing. If you don’t know, you freeze and have an internal debate until you are dead. If you decide that society’s rules are more important than your life, then you may discard fighting and try to escape or use only “proportional force allowed to you by society”. So you will be getting murdered, while the police come up afterwards to clean up your body: assisted suicide, essentially.

There are also other responses like hiding/staying still to avoid death: submission postures that tell the other human that you surrender and offer no threat, hoping they won’t kill you then. Generally that is supposed to work, but these days belief and conditioning have made it easier to pull the trigger.

Generally speaking, humans, me included, feel stress when other humans reject our humanity or have come to hate us, even though we have done nothing against them. Many people abhor this kind of conflict and friction so much that they do anything to avoid it. Women are notorious for not rocking the boat and agreeing with the group, even though they don’t like what the group is saying. This kind of sensitivity, though, in males can cause the male to challenge people to duels and try to kill them, because people who are hostile to you are enemies. Human fear and anger is contagious. When people are hated, they worry about their social status and whether the group will exile them and rob them of their chances to survive. So that’s why people care about “what other people think”. If you think humans hating you in society doesn’t affect you, consider what happened when the KKK lynched blacks for voting Republican and some religious village leaders burned and drowned witches. Do not underestimate what the mob will do when they feel like it. They are much more than you, as an individual, can counter.

In a situation where a criminal threatens your life, property, loved ones, or your health, you will often times need to use violence against them. But even if you decide to run, you may always regret that you left your kid or family to die. Or you may regret your powerlessness at not being able to protect your property, which is another way of saying you also won’t be able to protect yourself or your family. If your property is unimportant even though you own it, then is not your body also unimportant because you own it? Property can be replaced/repaired, yes, but rape doesn’t require the replacement of women either. Just because something can be repaired, doesn’t mean humans feel zero guilt from losing it, even if they know they can replace it. In a situation where you successfully fight back using violence, you may also come to regret being so successful, since society’s rules say that violence is only for villains and evil people to use. So you will have gained something from the tool of violence, but you now worry about society claiming that your actions were ethically wrong or illegal. You worry that you will be hated and treated as a monster, not a hero. So no matter what you choose, there will be consequences. Killology studies how this fear of society or social repercussions causes PTSD, making people resistant to killing (pulling the trigger), and ends up with good people dying because they were having internal monologue debates on the subject when they didn’t have the time to do so.

Humans are great at rationalizations, so people will always attempt to rationalize why their actions were just or right. If this rationalization veers too far from the facts or reality, then you have self deception. And if it is completely contradictory of itself, within itself, and with reality, then you have a larger problem.

In order to avoid all this mental and spiritual pain, the solution I recommend is that each and everyone decide for themselves, sooner or later, what they will kill for and what they will die. As simple as that. Make your decision before you need to use violence, before you get PTSD, before you get in trouble with society, your family, or the law. This way you can make objective, non biased judgments concerning your future. Trying to make it after feeling the guilt of killing people, or not killing them, letting your friends and loved ones die, or something else horrible, won’t do you much good. Having to repair your own soul is not as productive as protecting it in the first place. Just as psychologically treating rape and torture victims is not as easy as preventing them from being targets in the first place.

What and who are you going to kill? For what reason? Why is it correct and right to do so? Is it right only because society and civilization says it is right, or is it right because you yourself believe and choose to do so?

Humans function under a number of assumptions, chains developed by society to suppress and control human behavior. Taboos against sex, killing, cannibalism, etc. These are designed to protect humans and allow human cooperation and thus survival in the wild. If you do not question yourself, if you do not find your soul and spirit, if you merely follow orders and allow others to decide for you what is right and wrong, you may come to regret it when after you’ve done as you have been told, and realize that you want a second chance.

Don’t hope for second chances, get it right the first time. Use the time you have wisely, and try to avoid spending decades regretting what you did or didn’t do in battle, war, or a life and death conflict. Read about the experiences of your seniors, so that you can learn to accept your own emotions and forgive your own emotions. Learn to accept your own heart and forge your own identity, so you can weather the shocks of the enemy. Learn about what enemies of humanity do to humans, so that emotional shock doesn’t cripple your thinking and your reflexes. Instead of trying to deal with all this pain, confusion, and hesitation over killing and dying, do it now before you are forced to participate.

There are many methods for training people, but this one might be called operant conditioning instead of classical conditioning. Imagine an enemy, imagine what he would have to do before you consciously remove society’s limiters on you, and then act out + visualize your movements. Repeat as needed. While on a street, consider how you would ambush and kill the person that walked past you. Imagine and simulate it out, then insert your will and consciously decide not to do it because they are 1. not a threat and 2. have not crossed your lines (triggers). If you feel horror, if you feel uncomfortable, if you feel sick, if you are afraid of being blamed by society, this is the limiter working. This is what you would feel in a violent encounter, except 1000x worse. This is the combat freeze that kills many, who cannot bring themselves to pull the trigger because they are still debating with themselves over what is right and what is wrong.

Your emotions do not know what is right. Your logick does not know what is right. Only your survival instincts know what is right, in the time that exists now. Learn to trust your survival instincts. But remember this, your survival instincts don’t care about killing people, their feelings, your feelings, or any of that. You may find that your survival instincts is a “machine” and acts like one. Or you may find you have no memory of what you did and thus, if you can’t remember, how do you control it? How do you not just go berserk and kill your spouse when you black out? So people often don’t trust their survival instincts and thus get killed. Your survival instincts are part of you. If you are incompetent, it will take over using fear as the method.

So make sure you have no doubts, in your heart of hearts. Game out situations, game out rules and variations, and try to think. Think of what you will do and whether you will accept the consequences. If you don’t like doing something, then don’t. Accept the consequences of not doing something, just as you accept the consequences of using food as energy. That bacon was once alive and not wanting to die, you know.

As for society, following the law is enough to grant you society’s forgiveness. But it’s up to you whether you want to put society’s rules above your own or ignore it entirely. Personally, society’s rules are too corrupt for me to consider giving it too high a position. If I kill or save someone’s life, it will be because I decided it is just to do so. It won’t be because movies, tv, civilization, or society’s leaders told me it was okay to do so. I will follow society’s rules up to a point. But suicide is out of the question. I will survive and also obey the laws, in order to prevent society from getting rid of me. Whether I lose to a criminal or to a prosecuting attorney, doesn’t matter. Both are bad ends. Strategy thus requires me to defeat all my opponents, no matter who they are. Thus that requires preparation, quick thinking, and tactical judgments.

If other people hate you at work or want to pull you down, humans will feel anxiety at the loss of their social position. This is natural. Only sociopaths have difficulties relating to anxiety over social status. But what if you conditioned yourself to think of such people differently? What if they were not human and thus not subject to human standards? Would not the stress disappear. This is how killers are conditioned. Killing is a mental exercise, it does not particularly require physical abilities, just the intent. Of course having tools does help the job along. Guilt and regret often comes when you do violence to a person, because you think they aren’t a person, then afterwards you realize they were a human just like you. Thus, regret and guilt occurs. So if a person isn’t human, does that mean we get to kill them without guilt, like we step on ants? That depends. What is the control, what is the limiter here if society’s rules do not exist? The limiter is merely this: your will. What do you decide to do and why do you decide to do it. If you find insects and animals, do you just take out your gun/sword and slaughter them for fun and giggles?

Why do you not do so, is it because of the law? Is it because of your neighbors? Is it because it is not fun?

For me, I don’t do so because it is UNNECESSARY. Thus expending my energy to kill life is a detriment to my own survival and resources. Hide what you got it, you might need it when they come for ya. If you have the power to do things, but don’t it, there’s a reason. If the only reason you have is because ‘other people stop me from doing so’ then the time you are not constrained by other people, you then become a sociopath. Which is technically not good.

Just because someone isn’t human, with an individual identity and free will (you can’t convince them or understand them), does not mean they need to die. It does not mean you need to hate them. It just means being hated by a pen (tool) doesn’t matter to you. Things that don’t have free will, humans don’t need to care about. They make rational decisions about them.

In this fashion, soldiers have been conditioned to do the job society and country gave them, blowing away targets merely because they need to be eliminated. That is the mission, that will protect their battle buddies, and it is what needs to be done. The targets are people, yet they are not human, just tools or objectives to be eliminated.

Because if you ever doubt this, look at the corpse you made and realize that it is no longer human, it is just a corpse. If you are going to kill someone, recognizing their humanity is the same thing as saying “I don’t want to kill them” or “I can stop now, they are still alive”. By refusing to recognize the humanity of your targets, you kill them in your mind, but refrain from atrocity cruelty known to war criminals. Even if you have never pulled the trigger, refusing to acknowledge a target’s humanity, constructing operant conditioning methods for when you pull the trigger, means you have already, in your mind, killed that person. He is already dead, thus not human, and will be merely a corpse after you pull the trigger. All the words are in the software, it only needs to be printed out. All you have to do is press the print button.

Of course there are other rationalizations and thoughts. You could think something like “he’s trying to kill us, so being human requires me to defend myself. I do not consciously hate him or want to kill him, but I do want to live and thus that requires his death. He may be human before, but since I can’t communicate with him and make him stop, he must be terminated.”

No matter how you choose to deal with the conflict, you have to have a reason. Your own reason, one your heart can accept. If you lack a reason or your reason is weak, your heart will destroy itself from internal doubts.

Killing a person means accepting all the hate, all the enmity, they will ever have for you, as well as the hate and forever enmity of their loved ones. Killing someone steals all that they have, all that they are, all that they will ever be, in order for you to benefit personally.

If that is not something you can accept, if you don’t wish to do so, then don’t do it. Train yourself in violence to a high enough level you can incapacitate someone without killing them. But to do so, you have to accept dying yourself. If you don’t accept killing them, then your will must be substituted by the will to accept your own death. Human actions require a will, from a heart.

The Ancient Sages killed when necessary, healed and saved lives when they could. It is precisely because they spent so much effort preserving life, that they could kill without regret or fear of divine/societal punishment. Sociopaths have killed their emotions and heart, but the rest of us are only allowed to temporarily drop those social limiters. They will come back, often times to haunt us, if we take them off without appropriate justifications.

“Cause pain before you injure. Injure before you maim. Maim before you kill. And if you must kill, make it a clean kill. Squeeze every drop of life from the opponent. Because life is so precious, it cannot be wasted, even in death.”

“Let him cut your skin, and you cut his flesh. Let him cut your flesh, and you cut his bones. Let him cut your bones, and you cut off his life.”

The Japanese had a long time to deal with these things.

Decide sooner rather than later, what you will kill for and what you will die for. It will be too late once you are stuck in reach of the enemy. This is the armor of the mind and soul, when one’s mind itself becomes the weapon, and the body merely the external manifestation of an artist’s imagination.

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10 Comments on “On Killing: What is it good for”

  1. A guy Says:

    Man, my kid is messed up. All I hear in the house is Hollywood grade-A nutjob ramble.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Western culture is not kind to kids these days, or their parents.

  3. A guy Says:

    Lol. Editing comments like that, and then responding to your own made-up comment? Crazy town. Thanks for proving my point. Please continue your conversation with yourself.

    [Nobody but the editor and writer can prove or even know who said what to whom]

  4. ymarsakar Says:

    I don’t consider people who are controlled by their negative emotions, actual humans that communicate with me. So I edit text to reflect what I think they should say, for the benefit of human progress and basic social lubrication.

    If they weren’t demonstrating such arrogance as to pretend to be humans writing trash on my blog, then there’s no need for me to go out of my way to fix the words or sentence structures.

    If people tried to enter my house and say whatever they liked, they would get a similar treatment. As in, they can enter and do what they wish, but the only way they’ll be getting out is in a body bag. In human society, rules are enforced by enforcers. On the internet, it’s very similar, though also very different.


    I don’t know what the point is. Bots don’t have points. Am I talking to a bot? Maybe I should stop, it feels very unproductive.

  5. A Guy Says:

    Sorry I hurt your feelings, bro. 😦

    You sound pretty hurt, buddy. Long rambling posts obsessed with killing. I mean, OBSESSED. Constant references to persecution by amorphous, faceless enemies like “Hollywood” and “the left”. Frequent fantasies about violent revenge against imagined threats. Clearly little to no real world experience, and lots of time instead spent online and consuming scifi.

    That’s rough and I hope things get better before you act on your obsession with violence and killing. Peace out, broseph,

  6. ymarsakar Says:

    I’m not entirely convinced I’m talking to a real person, instead of a bot. By the logic offered here, you’re a figment of my imagination.

    But if I was talking to a real person, I might mention that just as you don’t know the truth about me, people who read this won’t necessarily know the truth behind whether I’m making up your comments as you write.

    So from your pov, relatively speaking, you see what I write here as lacking in real life experience. From my pov, I might be talking to a bot, unproven as a real person. From someone else’s pov, to them it might be me writing a comment and replying to the same comment. Truth is malleable based upon the point of view. Reality then forces people to discard certain points of view.

  7. A Guy Says:

    Ok dude, all those other people reading your blog will wonder. Is he real? Maybe? Who cares? I’m not talking to the nobody else who reads your blog.

    I’m talking to you. You sound lonely, angry, and afraid. You sound like you spend all your time worried about being victimized and fantasizing about revenge against imaginary persecutors. And watching anime. And getting all of your information about the world from fantasy and an Internet echo chamber.

    And you end up sounding like one day you’re gonna shoot up a movie theater or an elementary school to get back at the black Hollywood left Obama liberals who done repressed you in your crazy obsessed with killing imagination.

    So before that happens, dude, go make some friends. Go out for a drink with some of your Kung fu buddies. Take a cooking class and meet some girls. Watch a movie that isn’t anime. There’s so much to life that you don’t need to miss out on. Just find some non crazy outlets before you hurt someone or yourself.

    Peace out crazy angry dude.

  8. ymarsakar Says:

    Thanks, I’ll take your advice under due consideration. The same I would treat advice from Obama, wild feral dogs with rabies, and child molestors.

    I wasn’t kidding about the “human part”. It wasn’t internet humour or troll slang.

  9. A Guy Says:

    Lol. Who talks like that? “Obama, rabid feral dogs, & child molesters.” WHAT ABOUT BLACK LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD RSCE WAR INNER CIRY SPACE NINJAS??!? You left out several obvious bad things from your crazy random list of bad things that I am as bad as.

    I also really admire that you stand by your crazy, absurdly high standards for “being human” which apparently include “agreeing with all your crazy weirdo stuff.” Integrity! Insane crazy weirdo integrity.

    So if you do go out for that beer or take that cooking class, I

    PS how would wild feral rabid dogs give you advice? Or does the fact that you might hear voices from dogs answer most of my questions about your crazy town?

  10. A Guy Says:

    Hey sorry bro, that cu off sentence was gonna be:

    I hope that if you go out into the world and try to enjoy life, I hope you can keep your totally crazy anime murder liberals are el diablo side under control for like five minutes so you don’t scare everyone away before you can make friends.

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