Disarmed slaves are literally free


Free to get beat by any thug or totalitarian wannabe. Which reminds me of the last time I saw the political statistics for DC and Chicago.

There’s your freedom. There’s your security from free gun zones. There’s the real goal of human control, not gun control.

It’s a good thing schools run by Democrats, police unions run by Democrats, cities run by Democrats, and totalitarian transforming hope and change nations run by the Leftist alliance can’t disarm me no matter how many metal detectors they have. They have yet to institute a law to remove arms and limbs from biologically free humans. At least, they have yet to move to that Phase of the Plan.

But for the boys and girls at the bottom, powerless to speak truth to the Left’s power, they can be easily disarmed. See those fractures? Easily disarmed.

Then there’s the Utopia of Europe that doesn’t even have all the crime reports due to fear of Islamic backlash.


No matter how lethal human engineering has become, the poor and forgotten benefit not at all when the guardians and sheepdogs are defanged and the sheep put in cages with easy access for the wolves. And the people cry out for…. more security and more safety, by giving the powers that be more powerful and social authority. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

As much as 90% of the rapes in those countries are unreported (unrecorded). Islamophobia? Perhaps.

No matter what I know or can do, it does not change the status of a slave.

Thus if you wish to break the shackles of your emotional and physical chains… please consider changing and training yourself here. http://www.targetfocustraining.com/

The police, the military, the “rest of us” are just here reading and watching. We can’t be everywhere. If you want Divine Help, a Miracle from God, or protection from or by the state, then improve yourself. That is the only way to acquire such things as liberty and security.

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