What actually happened with Zimmerman and Tray

A repost for those that might have missed this amidst the Leftist propaganda.

Two things that people should be mindful of.

1. When people are using verbal violence (aggression), do not take your eyes off of them, do not turn around and “walk away”, and definitely do not attempt to be reaching for something in your pocket like you got a hidden weapon there.

2. If you don’t feel confident in dealing with the threat (humans), then retreat back to your fort and base (in this case, his car). That doesn’t mean run away. It means a fighting withdrawal. Side stepping or backing away, while you keep your eyes, frontal torso, pointed at the enemy. While maintaining situational awareness, an open palm in front to prevent them from entering your inner area, continuously withdraw to your base. If you have another person to protect, pull their arm behind around your back, and then pull/lead them away. Do not attempt to talk them into following you. Same for if you or they need to duck. Make them duck, do not shout out words. Most people have problems processing words in violent situations and will be slow, even if they could react, to do things in the right order at the right timing even with verbal warnings.

First, however, learn to protect yourself, before you can protect anyone else. This goes double for defending your nation from foreign and domestic enemies.

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