Japan’s Ministry of Defense


A few keynote addresses translated into English.

From one source, I heard mention of a Ministry of Defense and decided to cross reference it against modern internet sources. What came up was surprising.

Japan will have to hold their own line and be their own alliance leader for East Asian security and liberty soon enough. The US, after all, will be busy in various internal wars and conflicts for the forseeable future and can drop out or ditch the US-Japan alliance at any time. Not because we want to, but because American politicians would rather defund our allies and our military overseas to pay for their cronies and corruption back home in the US.

When money runs out, they’ll get the money wherever it is, even as they print up more trillions of cash to pay their own salaries with.

The US could have used a larger and more effective SDF force in Afghanistan and Iraq as well. One of the problems of being a “security umbrella” is that countries like Europe tend to rely on it too much, like welfare. It makes them crippled and useless for actual military operations.

The US can no longer project power overseas alone, not because we lack the power or wealth to do so, but mostly because we lack the will. We would prefer to fight our own people in the US politically or via political activism. Bush’s talk about liberty in Iraq may have really scared those out for US Totalitarianism back home. That was the last chance of the last chance, for America to prove that there was a will large enough to grasp hold of victory overseas. Vietnam was one of the first signs of decadence, but the US is too powerful to be stopped by one defeat. Unlike Russia, economic power makes for a hard opponent in war.

Now that changing the world has failed and the US can no longer change itself for the better by changing the world, we are left with only one option: changing ourselves first. The new civil war in the US will thus be between those who believe in changing the world by bending it to our will vs those who believe in changing ourselves through facing challenges of war and economics. Not war and economics in Iraq or elsewhere, but war and economics right here in the US, that which foreigners call the land that has never been successfully invaded since its inception.

After a totalitarian regime is finished bending Americans to the will of the slave masters, the rest of the world will then be left to toy with. Until then, the fight between the Left+Islam vs American patriots, continue without any ceasefire or mercy.

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