King of the Jungle: What if you were at the bottom of an urban food chain?

In inner city gangsta life, black people really fear (hate) gays. Because homosexual relationships are built around domination and destruction of the weaker party’s ability to refuse.

Thus Martin couldn’t let a situation go where he was being chased by a gay rapist and all he did was run away. He had to prove to himself, and to anyone watching, that he had the balls to get it done.

White people don’t get why urbans think like this because white people don’t (usually) live in prison jungles 24 hours a day. If you have ever lived in a prison jungle, concrete or otherwise, you should immediately understand why Martin felt he had to “step it up” against creepy rapists following him around in cars.

You “know” why. It was because if word got out to the hood that Martin was someone so afraid of being raped he’d run for miles on end, he really would be hunted down and raped by the male gangs of his neighborhood. Really. Or if not that, he’d be harassed, his stuff stolen, and he would get beat down, or even killed, depending on the whims of the “kings” of the jungle. Which Martin knew he was definitely not: a king.

And the reason why he thinks the “hood” would know, is because of that friend of his on the phone. He knew immediately seconds after that, that “she would talk” about it to her friends and it would spread. So unless Martin came back and said “well, I beat that white cracka up that was following me, and taught him a good lesson on who the real dominant male is”, Martin was, in his eyes, facing perpetual fear in his life in the “hood”.

This probably sounds very strange or wild to people, but that’s what happens when you encounter denizens of the jungle. Thus a sane, civilized person might have just ran away from danger with all his might, Martin was so afraid of his hood that he went back and attacked Zimmerman as Zimmer was going back to his car. Perfectly logical… for a jungle denizen.

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