Target Focus Training Teleconference: Time provides the highest cruelty

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2013
Starts: 6PM, US PDT / 9PM EDT
Duration: approximately 75 minutes
Click Here to register for the call

While there were hundreds of unique questions & comments, many were asked repeatedly. Including questions like. . .
* I’m terrified that I’ll freeze (from fear) if attacked?
* How do I know if I really need to fight back?
* How do you flick the mental switch so you can use violence to protect yourself when you’re normally a peaceful person. . .
* What’s the best technique to use when you’re surprised?
* I’m really struggling with the idea I’m going to need to hurt another human being (like gouge his eyes out).
* Is it REALLY possible for a woman to defeat a bigger, stronger attacker?
* and many more.
These and other critical questions & comments need to be addressed if women are going to have any chance of living their lives without fear.

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