Edward Snowden: Creation of a Rogue Agent


An interesting progression. I would tend to agree with the analysis that Snowden became disillusioned by the Obama regime and thus started considering doing things he had never thought he would do before. There’s nothing like a true believer that’s been burned by his beliefs. Often times their behavior becomes very… unpredictable. Unlike most Keyboard warriors and philosophers, his life backed up his beliefs. If he liked national security, then was he not working for the NSA to protect national security? If he thought Obama was subverting democracy, would he not then act consistent with that belief?

A zealot, a fanatic, a Leftist, an Obamacan, an American patriot, a leaker, a traitor, a freedom fighting hero… none of these words mean anything. Only the actions do and what might have motivated said actions.

It’s nice, though, to have an external, independent evaluation and source on Snowden’s own claims about himself. Makes for a better profile and analysis.

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