Young Teenagers in this World

A few minutes ago, right outside my window a group of disparate young teenagers, males and females, walked by from left to right. One of the taller, more muscled youths was carrying a thin 8 foot long staff by appearances. He was twirling it around. What I found interesting was how he pointed the end of the staff to each of the 3 girls in the back of the group, who he was talking to and gesturing to. The girls looked intimidated. After a time, they went to the far right. At the main intersection street, the two males turned back, one of them with the staff, and the rest of the group continued on.

I came outside with my practice steel sword and watched, crouched down low in front of my door practicing sword dance kinesthetics. After the groups had passed by my view, I went to the vegetable tree out near the mailbox and used an iai draw plus a blunt force cut through one of the 1-2 cm diameter stalks. I then threw the stalk into the air and drew my blunt steel iaito again to shatter cut it as it came down, using a Taiji Chuan rooted stance to reflect power and drive through force through the target. The stalk shattered/tore again, more messily, along the middle.

The power of that was driven by emotion primarily. Emotion. For this world has no idea of the meaning of “strength”. The common boy or girl are merely weaklings walking on the road of slavery. They will continue to do so until they smack right into the wall of despair. In all things, there is a scale/balance/harmony, a beginning and an end: a stronger and a weaker, a yin and a yang.

The new generations know not the jungle they walk through. They know not who is looking at them and judging them and their worth.

My blunt steel practice sword is the 1045 high carbon steel by Musashi, in the style of the katana. Normally it cannot cut anything. A mere simple force projection based upon the same mechanics as H2H fajin or explosive force, makes it act like a sword rather than a stick. While the edge is too blunt to cut, it is still a very thin plane of impact to apply force to an object, far smaller and narrower than a knife hand (and more rigid) and far narrower than a stick. Needle vs skin, after all: if the needle is not sharp, merely use more force.

People who need weapons and force to control other humans in their group, are trash. And eventually, they will be taken out. The only issue is when, where, and by whom.


Video for those who cannot visualize what an iaijutsu or iaido draw is. Suffice it to say that holding the handle “loosely” in such a draw on impact is pretty dangerous: and not for the target.

Iai draws have various jutsu and philosophical do interpretations and applications.

Here is one interesting application of an iai draw (one draw, one slice, one kill).

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