Data Mining: Edward Snowden’s QA

Whenever possible, I learned to always look for the primary or original, because everybody else was just guarding the gate and interpreting material inaccurately. The only way to get anywhere close to accuracy was to do my own interpretation of the data.

And in that sense, Snowden’s own words are a much better source than even the Guardian UK or Glenn Greenwald (whose game is still unclear as of this moment, attacking his own allies in the US).

A few conclusions.

1. Snowden, due to the age at which he surfed the web collecting stuff without a high school or college telling him how to think, was targeted pretty heavily with Leftist propaganda. However, it had a slightly different effect since he wasn’t in school.

2. Snowden had his Top Secret clearance to back up some of the Left’s claims about US civil liberty violations, but believed that the Left, in the form of Obama, was telling the truth. The Leftist alliance’s propaganda was merely designed to destroy America and obtain more power.

3. This eventually led to Snowden being disillusioned with American politics to the point where he went rogue, but not to the point where he hated America itself and wanted to transform it into a Leftist utopia. This is the crucial difference for why he doesn’t do things the Obama or Republican way.

4. Snowden’s instincts with OPSEC didn’t start early, he was a pretty loose lips guy on his ArsTechnica forum account. Especially with the leaking of his own user name. Perhaps he thought the NSA already had access to it, but the NSA normally won’t give the data to journalists. The journalists are using this information to shield Obama and the Leftist alliance.

5. Snowden didn’t obtain information about NSA through instinct or paranoia or military/survival training. Thus his resistance to Leftist propaganda back then was weak. Now though, it may have become stronger, but I doubt he has time to look back over the true history of the Iraq wars. Some people are born with the talent or develop it in childhood of thinking strategically: hoarding their own secrets to prevent people from killing them while gathering information in order to more efficiently terminate enemies.

P.S. Part of the reason for Leftist propaganda is to detect people who are wavering and need to be reigned in. Because Snowden was given the full propaganda treatment, but the indoctrination from high school and college was not applied at the same time, Snowden started thinking for himself and questioning his premises. That is very dangerous for a member of a cult to do. Snowden actually believed the Left’s claims about being for American truth, justice, and civil liberties. That is why he turned so hard against them, even the Saint called Obama. If it was just 1 guy with an axe to grind or someone with psychological and identity problems like Manning, it could easily be brushed under the table as another Judas or Benedict Arnold. But this is a true believer who has turned rogue, equivalent to one of the Soviet/Russian defectors. One of the most dangerous things that a totalitarian society can produce, other than death squads, children informing on their parents, etc. He was given access to what the NSA and other agencies did to the former agents who started speaking to the public. No matter the agenda of the individual agents in question, Snowden sympathized with them far more than he sympathized with the NSA or the government (Obama).

One of the reasons why if people wait too long, not even civil war will save America is this. At a certain point people give up belief and faith in the entity known as America. Even after the war is over, they will secede and form their own nations as a result. It would be bloody hard work re-conquering them, much more than Sherman had to do to the South to make them surrender. Much more than Truman had to do to the Japanese. People who have shed blood, lost loved ones, and killed people they didn’t want to kill for the victory of getting freedom from federal control, will not accept anybody else’s control so easily. They will not trust you.

Unlike the US Civil War where the South gave up on the political process and wanted to make their own laws about slaves and how much voting power they represented to the ruling class, Americans who are voting and fighting the government (Tea Party, gun users, liberty defenders) have not given up. This implies that if a civil war does happen, it will be because all the allies and faithful patriotic defenders of America have…. given up. It won’t be long for people to go from one nation, one people, all for one and one for all to the Survival Mentality of “every man and woman for themselves, my tribe is right, yours is just food for us”. If people would be willing to go active while they still believed in America the nation, the home of the brave and the just, the chances for reconsolidation would be higher. Snowden claims he wishes to help America reform or change, by challenging and resisting Obama, in the form of the NSA. Whether that can be believed or not, or how much of it people do believe, varies. How long before such people decide America is a sinking boat and it’s time to get a retirement fund with China or Russia or Cuba or Venezuella?

Strategic analysis requires long term planning, preparation, and imagination. It is not based around winning some minor battle here or there using military might or economic power. It is the preparation required to have before a battle, to ensure that the winner is predetermined. In this venue, the Leftist alliance’s strategists are far more powerful and competent than their enemies.

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2 Comments on “Data Mining: Edward Snowden’s QA”

  1. Ron Says:

    Y: Two books I’m reading right now that you may find interesting:

    Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway,
    Jonathan Parshall (Author), Anthony Tully (Author)

    The Shadow Ryana
    C. R. Daems (Author), J. R. Tomlin (Author)


  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Thanks for info. I’ll look them up via reviews.

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