For most of that time, I kept very quiet about political matters. Mostly because I knew the things I was going to say weren’t popular and would almost definitely cast a cloud on people’s ever fervently wished for optimism (on America). In 2008, people said to wait for Obama to fix 8 years of Republican evil and corruption. He will shine down the light upon us and lower the sea levels. In 2011-12, people said the election will show how Americans can’t be fooled by a con artist in the White House. They would win the political election because the Left was incompetent, lazy, corrupt and too obviously sabotaging the economy. The economy is what gets votes, they thought. Wrong. Almost, but not quite right.


Now a days, I can speak more evenly and feel that people are on the same wavelength as me. They no longer speak of politics as politics. They no longer speak of the Leftist alliance as some petty political party that is of no threat to the US. They no longer make fun of those who could predict the future of America’s evil producing Leftists. (Everything was a social game of musical chairs up until the gov stomped on their child’s head, then they couldn’t make fun of the conspiracy extremist peeps as much)

Yet, in the end, not even that will be enough to save us. Knowing the value of something only after it’s been lost… is of no value whatsoever.

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2 Comments on “2008-2012”

  1. JB Says:

    It can be a bit frustrating.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    I wanted to believe that Republicans and their supporters could change this nation through politics. But I didn’t believe it. Not after seeing the true nature of the Left’s evil, after 2001 and 2003-6.

    Once out of the village, hard to go back and see things the same way as before.

    At the same time, raining on everyone of my ally’s parades with hit and run prophecies of doom comments would have been bad taste. Also counter-productive in the long term.

    All I ended up saying was pretty much “you haven’t seen anything yet” whenever somebody piped up about a Leftist or Obama centered action that was generally considered “bad” but also “new”.

    People acted like Obama bowing and Fast and Furious were such “big” things that were so “bad”. They acted like that was the only thing they could think about at the time. From my view, I was thinking “how little they know of the real world”.

    What people consider “evil” actions, are nothing but a single drop in the sea of the true evil of the Left. Then there’s Islamic Jihad, but those two make for natural allies one way or another.

    Lead, fight, or get out of the way. Since I wasn’t going to lead any Tea Parties or political movements, nor fight with my allies in politics, my logical choice was to get out of the way. If they succeed, that will be their reward of hard work. I doubt they would succeed when they didn’t even know a single thing about the nature of their enemies, however. As Sun Tzu wrote, victory rests on knowledge, as well as resources and timing.

    For the near to far future, I do wonder when Civil War will once again visit America. But that’s not my primary worry. I suspect that sooner would be better, because even if the US wins the civil war against the Left… none of that will matter when Islamic Jihad takes over Europe and their nukes, utilizing the Left to weaken us and taking all of us out when the timing is right. Strategy… is not so simplistic a thing.

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