Full Body Control: Martial Art Training

This is an example of a previous concept, rooting, used to fuel or compose different techniques and applications. Much as a car can be customized with different rims, hoods, paint, and various other components, the martial artist trains in two diverse fashions.

1. Acquiring techniques from others or creating them from scratch.

2. Learning to control their body in order to apply power to action.

The popular method to learn or train in martial arts is to do 1 first and then 2. People learn a form or two, some techniques, and practice them. All in the hopes that they will get to 2, the ability to control their own bodies. Why don’t people just start with 2? 2 is required to get 1, but 1 isn’t required to get to 2. A person lacking any techniques and have created none, will still be able to adapt to a conflict and find a way to victory. Simple is better in battles and wars, so long as you have the power.

In many ways, customizing one’s martial arts is either the goal or the road, depending on one’s objectives. However, there is a significant difference between an add on that adds functionality to a car and an add on that is merely cosmetic or even reduces the functionality of a car. Those who know techniques, but do not know how to construct or deconstruct them, will be unable to tell what is functional vs what is non-functional. Their best bet is to listen to gurus and others, some con artists, to tell them which way is best. That’s about the same as an artist sketching out somebody else’s painting as a way to produce art. In the art world, a forgery may bring you shame or embarrassment. In martial arts, it’ll get you killed.

The application in the video is rather simple. All the power being applied to the upper torso is redirected to the ground via the spine, hips, and legs. Muscle control is merely used to maintain the alignment to prevent power from being blocked. The person being pushed isn’t exerting much energy and thus will appear to gain power over a long fight. Utilizing the energy of the earth’s gravy well and mass is very fuel efficient.

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