Guns: It’s about Justice and Trust

Some people think America’s going through this phase or trend about how to make gun legislation and control better. What they don’t know is the truth behind the smoke and mirrors, what is going on underneath the table.

In essence, it’s about who is on the side of justice and whether one faction should trust the others. Without a knowledge of why people are for or against justice or why they support this faction or that one in America, there’s no way people can decipher the truth from the propaganda or the propaganda from the truth.

Most of the actual human reasons and motivations are included in the article. It’s a convenient way for me to avoid doing the linking.

I often told people that tens of millions of Americans would rather fight criminals and terrorists with their bare hands than trust the government with their protection. There’s also the issue that there’s no particular reason to trust elected federal officials over one’s neighbors. Guns in the hands of a neighborhood work rather well, since people can learn to trust each other. Guns in the hands of the government or urban cities controlled by socialist gangs, is a different matter since they are above the common man, and DC considers itself part of the ruling class. Trust in one’s neighbors has nothing to do with trust in one’s “ruling aristos”. It doesn’t matter if somebody wants to vote in a tyrant. That doesn’t mean I should trust them with my guns, my kids, my house, or my vault full of gold. People should seriously consider fences and property lines when it comes to trust. It’s not an omnipotent or all encompassing thing, at least not for humans.

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