Martial Arts 101

After a decade of searching out truths and secrets in the world of hand to hand conflict, I define martial arts as the warrior’s way, different from the hero’s journey in epic fantasy. A warrior merely has to have enough martial prowess to defend themselves and maybe some people around them. A hero often does similar things, but also leads nations, various groups of people, and inspires them directly or indirectly. Thus a warrior is more concerned about their own path and not the path of society, nations, or other people. The martial part is self explanatory as the methods of war. Whether one fights one person or a thousand, the scale is the only thing that changes, not the nature of reality. The “art”, however, is harder to pin down as it is an abstract, personal thing. What would be a good way to define art so that a warrior may strive to obtain that goal? Are they to write, make Hollywood films, and thus become an “artist”?

This goes all the way back to creation, the Big Bang, or basic metaphysics: what is reality, what is creation, and what is destruction. Artistic power comes merely from the human imagination taking shape an idea and using human resources to create that idea unto reality, given form and shape just as the Earth and Sun was given form and shape. Create that which did not exist before and make it exist. Truly a divinely inspired feat.

An artist thus creates. But a killer destroys. A killer in one second, can wipe out the work of untold decades or even centuries of human hard work and belief. Combine those two different powers together and you get something that can protect: a warrior, defender, protector, ruthless seeker of justice. A martial artist should be able to wield both the powers of creation and destruction to be complete, to know that they are on the right path in life and death. What they then do with that power… is open to interpretation on an individual level. It is certainly possible for the wielders to use it for good, but it is also possible to use it for evil.

A martial artist thus should be able to kill anyone they meet on the street, within hand range or 21 feet if one can run quickly. On the other hand, a martial artist should also be able to save humans from being killed near them. If this sounds similar to the citizen defenders of a nation, good samaritans, citizens defending their ideals and community, it should. The concept of a true gentleman planning for how to kill everyone in the same room as him, is perhaps ironic or contradictory, unless one realized that human systems function based upon a combination of life and death, order and chaos, creation and destruction. One cannot protect everything in existence, thus we prioritize ourselves, our precious loved ones, more. That inevitably means that one will eventually have to decide whether killing the enemy is worth what they are protecting. There are many methods, tools, and techniques people can use to achieve their goals. My purpose is to cover the ones that martial artists can and should use.

Since I began with metaphysics, we’ll continue on that topic. What are the metaphysics of martial artists? It’s not enough to say “imagine a result and method of defeating someone, and you’ll make it true”. How will you make it true? What methods are you able to imagine? How would you create the result in reality from your imaginations?

This isn’t a malleable physics universe we live in, so we cannot circumvent the laws of physics and divinity by merely willing something into existence. Magic, it seems, is out of the reach of mere warriors. So without using magic, what can we accomplish and with what?

There are two general forces, based upon origin, that warriors may use: internal and external forces. To use a modern example, a car functions on its internal combustion engine plus the fuel. This would be the internal power source. The external power source would then be some guy outside who you intimidated into pushing your car for a payment. When that power runs out, it runs out. You can force it to work more, but you won’t get much afterwards by beating that dead horse. The internal power, however, only runs out when you run out of fuel. You just refuel or carry the fuel with you. It’s also more efficient, as internal power is designed to work with your engine, but that external force guy was just roped in from some chain gang to do your bidding, he probably is starved and has weak musculature to begin with.

After the origin of the power source, we now come to how to shape it. Raw power, in itself, doesn’t really do us any good. What we want is to shape the power. We can either shape it into a line or a circle. In the beginning, power exists as a point source, it has no vector, intent, or design. It is just there. To use it, we must give it form and thus function. What then, is the function of a line or circle?

The line can be used as a needle, spear, bullet by warriors. No matter what form the power takes or what technology aids in its construction, the human mind is the original source of the idea, function, and inspiration. Never forget that. A needle pierces skin that cannot be pierced by one’s fist. One’s fist can break through wood, but not concrete and brick. Why is that so? It is purely a matter of power and surface area. One pound of power applied to the needle means it is focused on that pindrop of a surface area on your skin, thus surpassing your skin’s natural resistance. A fist is a broader area, but is dense enough in the bone structure, if supplied with enough power, to break through soft rigid wood that cannot run away from you. Yet, brick and concrete is too “rigid” and thus its resistance surpasses your human frame. You may have the power of a giant, but that would merely destroy your human body instead of the wall. Force follows the path of least resistance and breaks that which is weaker first. The line is thus the shortest distance between two points and penetrates through all enemies. The ideal is to focus the power from a single point in space into a line, without expanding its radius. A god like ability that can pierce through the Earth and Moon. In more practical terms, warriors train their body/mind/spirit to replicate the same results as a spear or bullet when destroying their enemies. Of course, one wonders why one doesn’t just use a spear or firearm then. That gets us back to the “internal vs external” dichotomy. When one relies upon external tools and powers, they can be taken away from you, exhausted, or destroyed. That which belongs to you, your mind, your body, your nerves, cannot be destroyed or taken away, without also destroying you yourself. Thus a warrior fights to the death even while naked, for until one kills the warrior, he is still 100% capable of destroying all enemies.

The second form we may shape power into is the circle. In other words, infinite rotation around a point following the curvature of pi. One can see the example of such power manifested in spinning tops, spinning saws, and centrifugal force. In practical matters, a warrior can use a source of power to rotate an enemy’s head 360 degrees. Or at least 180. Just depends on whether the internal or external power source is enough. Let’s say some kid pushed his cousin from a diving plank, and the cousin cratered in the bottom of the pool and died. In terms of the origins of the power exerted, most of it was due to an external force, gravity, and the only internal force came from the arm push. Many people consider certain things impossible in martial arts because they refuse to use either external or internal forces that can actually get the job done. That is a human limitation, not a limitation on the powers that exist.

Rotation becomes a hard force to penetrate with a line once it takes shape. A person can thus rotate their torso and avoid a linear strike. If the attack is coming from the front, one merely has to rotate to another side to avoid it. Tanks can rotate their turrets to apply their main gun, while a human can use the same trick to align their powerful and quick straight attacks on a moving target. The nature of the circle being a sustained infinite rotating area, makes visualizing human movements that are the same, difficult. It is just as useful and as powerful as the line in the end.

After a person has learned to visualize, imagine, and create in reality the forms for these powers, they will make quick progress. No technique is inaccessible, no method is impossible, and no falsified con job is hidden from the person that has mastered these two shapes, forms, or formulations of the origin source. One could say that these are the principles by which millions of techniques are built upon, one way or another.

Afterwards there are refinements, different ways of doing the same thing based upon individual preference. There is also the combination of powers, where a line and a circle is used together. This is not a “new” shape or power, merely a combination of old ones that already exist. Thus the spiral combines the power and utility of the line and the circle, to form the drill, the blackhole, the whirlpool, the tornado. The DNA helix contains the information and the power of life creation, through the spiral shape.

In the beginning, there was non existence. After non existence was creation and then existence. From existence, we understand the nature of creation and destruction. From the dual powers of creation and destruction, infinite and divine, we form two ways: 1 and 0: the line and the circle of Martial Arts 101. The binary code of creation and destruction must be analyzed and learned first, before a warrior can walk the path true for them.

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