What happened to gun control successes in Australia?

Last I heard, some Australians were telling me that gun control policies are a great success in protecting Australians. Now I hear a different take.

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3 Comments on “What happened to gun control successes in Australia?”

  1. JB Says:

    What can you say. It’s a sad state we are in.

  2. Ethan Says:

    Hi Ymar, I was going to message you on Dan’s forum but it appears that your profile no longer exists.

    I’ve been following your comments on Dan’s blog as well as your entries on this blog for some months now and I would like to ask for advice regarding my own training. I understand that currently this may not be within the purview of your online activity.

  3. ymarsakar Says:

    I login with a temporary username, which I always use the same one for convenience sake’s, so that might be it.

    If you wish to ask me something, you’re free to do so. For private conversations, you can mail me at ymarsakar (a) yahoo () com

    Half the time I spent at yahoo answers was dealing with individual issues and solutions.

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