Muv Luv Total Eclipse Anime

Total Eclipse is a side story about my favorite subjects: love, war drama, and military survival.

It was a toss up whether it would come out as glorious or a train wreck. The first two episodes were definitely a good run and made me remember all those fond (or psychologically damaging, depending on your perspective) memories concerning Takeru’s role in MLA and MLU. (Muv Luv Alternative/Unlimited)

I’m not sure if they changed the sequence of the character’s backstories or not, but for new comers to the MLA franchise, that set piece battle definitely sets the tone for the story and the world. It is a very accurate portrayal too. If you couldn’t handle episode 2, chances are you would try to kill yourself at the end of MLA. So it’s a good thing people that can’t handle adult material, drop it early on.

The original Muv Luv Alternative/Unlimited and Total Eclipse were visual novels and light novels respectively. The anime industry has gotten quite a bit of experience adapting light novels to the anime screen, so I have marginally high hopes that they can carry it out. Train wreck still possible though.

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