The Ruthless Playstyle of Eve Online

This was an interesting topic I came across.

If you believe that the news topic is embellished or fictional, then consider this video and the background threads.


Eve Online is a very interesting MMO simulation game. It simulates human conflict, morale, logistics, economic decisions, and several other things. At times it is a war game. At other times it is an espionage and financial game. Finding a warlord in Eve Online and seeing how they apply the Art of War to a simulated online environment, is very interesting since one of my primary interests is the freedom to express one’s will through physical movement in martial arts and H2H. This is a very tactically limited fight and is nowhere close to the battles Sun Tzu fought 2500 years ago in China, but the same principles apply strategically and even logistically.

Many people can read Sun Tzu. Few can understand it. Even fewer can apply any of its principles in actual practical fighting against real human opponents.



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